Department of Geography

Dr. Aysha Hanif

Ayesha Hanif
Dr. Aysha Hanif

Assistant Professor 
Department of Geography
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  • 8th Oct,2004 Lecturer LCWU
  • 26th May,2015 Assistant Professor LCWU

Honor and Awards

  • Merit scholorship in M.Sc
  • HEC Indigenous Scholarship in Ph.D


  • Coordinator of Departmental Physical Resources and Infrastructure, L.C.W.U
  • Coordinator of Curriculum Revision Committee, L.C.W.U
  • Member of Departmental examination Committee, L.C.W.U
  • Member Board of studies, Geography, L.C.W.U
  • Member of NCRC HEC

Graduate Students/Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/Honour Students

Years                         Degree                                  Name

2016                             BS                            Rida Intizar

2016                             BS                            Mahrukh Nisar

2017                             BS                            Shanze Sayal        

2018                             BS                            Ifrah Anwar

2018                             BS                            Amina Aslam

2021                             BS                            Ramsha Sohail

2021                           BS                          Saba Tariq  

2022                           BS                          Komal Sultan

2022                           BS                          Adeeba Yaseen

2022                             BS                            Komal Sultan

Service Activity

  • Teaching ( PhD, MS & BS )
  • ACP Teaching and SAP projects
  • Research Supervisor of thesis and Reports
  • PhD Program Coordinator
  • Secretary of BoS
  • Research Coordinator
  • Physical Assets Incharge
  • MS admission Coordinator
  • MS PhD Exam Coordinator
  • Departmental Focal Person to QEC
  • Secretary Visiting Lecturer hiring committee

Brief Statement of Research Interest

My research interest is aimed to highlight the role of urban parks in provision of ecosystem services to the citizens in relevant to achieve the sustainable development goals of UN. As a geographer, I tried to shed light on the benefits and importance of green spaces/parks in mitigating the local climate change impacts.


  • Aslam A., Hanif A. and Liaqat A (2018). “Evaluation of attractiveness rate of cultural ecosystem services among visitors of selected urban green spaces of Lahore”. Pakistan Geographical Review, Vol.73 (1), pp. 35-51. (Y category-HEC recognized)
  • Hanif A., Shirazi A. and Majid A (2020). “Role of community for improvement of ecosystem services in urban parks”. Pakistan journal of agricultural sciences, Vol 57 (6), pp 1591-1596. (X category- HEC recognized)
  • Hanif A., Shirazi A. and Majid A (2020). “Assessing quality of life through people’s perception: a case study of Lahore- Pakistan”.  Journal of agricultural research, Vol 58 (04):289-295.(Y category HEC recognized)
  • Impact Assessment of Urban Built-up Area on Groundwater Level of District Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Sahar Zia, Muhammad Nasar-u-Minallah, Mahrukh Tahir, Aysha Hanif. “International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology” Vol.12 (4) 32-37
  • Relationship Analysis between Vegetation and Traffic Noise Pollution: A Case Study Lahore, Pakistan Muhammad Nasar-u- Minallah&A. Aslam Sahar Zia,Saba Yaqoob,Aysha Hanif.  “International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology”Vol.12(3)
  • Site Suitability Analysis for Urban Settlements along River Jhelum, Pakistan using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques Muhammad Nasar-u-Minallah and Aysha Hanif Sahar Zia, Muntaha Mohsin, Indonesian Journal of Geography,Vol. 54(2)223-239
  • Evaluating The Visitors’ Perception And Available Ecosystem Services In Urban Parks Of Lahore (Pakistan) Aysha Hanif, Safdar A. Shirazi, Muhammad Jabbar, Anum Liaqat, Sahar Zia & Mariney M. Yusoff Geography Environment Sustainability Vol.15(4)32-38
  • The Effect Of Urban Green Spaces In Reducing Urban Flooding In Lahore, Pakistan, Using Geospatial Techniques Sahar Zia, Muhammad Nasar-u-Minallah, Nikhat Zahra, Aysha Hanif GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY, Vol15 (3) 47-55
  • Mapping and Analyzing the Park Cooling Intensity in Mitigation of Urban Heat Island Effect in Lahore, Pakistan Aysha Hanif ·Muhammad Nasar-u-Minallah ·Sahar Zia ·Iqra Ashraf, Korean journal of remote sensing,Vol. 38 (1)127-137
  • Spatial Analysis and Mapping of Soil Nutrient Levels in Eucalyptus Woodland: A Case Study of Pattoki, Kasur: Mapping of Soil Nutrient Levels in Eucalyptus Anum Liaqut, Ammara Khan, Syed Hussain Haider Rizvi, Aysha Hanif, Sikandar Hussain, Isma Younes, Muhammad ShafiqBiological Sciences-PJSIR Vol.66 (1)81-90  

Research Grants and Contracts


Other Research or Creative

Supervised nine undergraduate research students

Selected Professional Presentations

  • Presented research paper entitled “An Ecosystem Services Based Approach to Identify Indicators for Quality Of Life: A Case Study of Lahore” in 16th All Pakistan Geographical Conference 11-13 March 2021.
  • Organized two(02) webinars:
  • “Assessment of Wetlands through Drone Technology” on 2nd February 2021
  • Webinar to celebrate World Meteorological Day on 31st March 2021 
  • Hosted and organized one day session of 16th All Pakistan Geographical Conference at LCWU on 12th March 2021.
  • Presented research paper entitled “ Carbon stock and biomass in urban parks of Lahore” in 1st International Pak-Turk Symposium 2022.(online)