Department of Geography


As Geography is one of the oldest subjects taught in the university, so the students want to highlight the importance of the subject by performing some activities, thus Geography society has been working actively since the inception of the department. The objectives of the society are;

1.    To groom the student’s capabilities

2.    To enhance the student’s knowledge

3.    To build confidence among students

4.    To promote teamwork

A walk through history of society

Geography society has been a part of Geography department, since the college has been shifted to its present building. Geography society however faced some hard times and the society resumed its present position after 8th Feb, 2002. The society has been actively arranging various successful events, since then.

Management and Planning

The Geography society plans and strategizes each and every detail of an academic event. Planned meetings are scheduled which is mandatory for all the members of the society to attend, these meetings are arranged according to an event calendar where all the activities to be performed and accomplished are inscribed accordingly. The basic purpose of these meetings is to ensure that every aspect of an event is entertained beforehand. The results of these meetings have been gratifying and the students have learnt a great deal in handling time constricted events.

The Team
Incharge society         Ms. Sahar Zia

Sub-incharge Society   Ms. Iqra Ashraf

President                   Ms. Zarish Abid

Secretary                   To be selected from BS V semester in successive session