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Dr. Neelma Munir,
Dr. Neelma Munir,

Tenured Associate Professor

Department of Biotechnology

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4th November 2019-todate

Tenured Associate Professor (TTS)

Department of Biotechnology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

November, 2011-to 3rd November, 2019

Assistant Professor (TTS)

Department of Biotechnology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

December,2010-October, 2011

Assistant Professor (IPFP)

Department of Biotechnology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

June 2009-July 2010

Research Associate

Department of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore

January 2004-December, 2010

Visiting Lecturer

Department of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Honor and Awards        

  • PhD Scholarship, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan (2002-2003).
  • HEC Merit Scholarship for Ph.D studies (2003-2006), Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Society for Promotion of Science and Technology
  • Pakistan Botanical Society

Graduate Students/Postdocs/Undergraduate/Students/Honour Students

  • Ph.D Thesis Supervision

    • Completed

    Name of Student: Nadia Sharif

    Title: Optimization of conditions for biodiesel Fabrication from algae

    • Name of Student: Maria Hasnain

    Topic: Effect of different Abiotic stress factors on metabolite profiling and utilization of algae for biodiesel production

    Degree awarded: 2022

    • On Going

    Name of Student: Maria Hanif

    Title: Phytofabrication of zinc oxide nanoparticles from halophytes and their role in mitigation of salt stress in tomato

    Name of Student: Huma Waqif

    Title: Algae mediated synthesis of Silver, Copper and zinc oxide nanoparticles to combat citrus canker disease 

    Sr. No.

    Student’s Name

    Thesis Title



    Iqra Noor kianat

    Application of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria and Chicken Bone Char to Ameliorate Salinity Tolerance of Tomato Plants



    Habiba Shafique

    Mitigation of drought stress with application of Kallar grass-mediated zinc oxide nanoparticles combined with zinc solubilizing bacteria



    Arifa Chaudhry

    Evaluation of Adsorption Potential Of Iron Nanoparticles And Peganum Harmala-Derived-Biochar Against Waste Water Pollutants



    Rabia Tariq

    Evaluation of bioremediation potential of ZnO nanoparticles against different wastewater effluents



    Mahjabina Qasim

    Synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles from Pinus roxburghii   extracts and evaluation of its antimicrobial potential



    Ayesha Seerat

    Evaluation Of  Biosorption Potential of Biochar ade From Dry Fruits Waste Against Different Pollutants



    Kiran Liaqat

    Effect of different bone chars on on mitigation of salinity tolerance in tomato



    Sana Latif


    Preparation of catalyst from fish and chicken bone waste and optimization of transesterification  conditions for algal biodiesel production



    Soma Imran

    Production of biodiesel from algae using egg shell as a catalyst




    Misbah Rani

    Green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles and evaluation of their antibacterial activity against citrus canker



    Nadia Tahir

    Isolation and characterization of abiotic stress tolerance genes from different plants




    Sidra Raza

    Plant mediated synthesis of copper nanoparticles and in vitro evaluation of their antimicrobial potential against citrus canker




    Maria Ghafoor

    In vitro evaluation of algae mediated nanoparticles against plant pathogens




    Ayesha Shafique

    Association of HAVCR1 gene rs139041445 polymorphism with severity of hepatitis a in patients of Lahore



    Zainab Munir

    Optimization of conditions for the production and extraction of polyhydroxybutyrate from different algal species



    Zirwa Sarwar

    Optimization of conditions by using response surface methodology to extract biofuel from Chlorella sp. and Oedogonium sp.



    Nida Akram

    Green synthesis of Zinc nanoparticles from Moringa oleifera and evaluation of their antibacterial activity



    Samreen Zafar

    Green synthesis of magnesium oxide nanoparticles from Cannabis sativa and evaluation of their antibacterial potential



    Maryam Shabbir

    Molecular characterization of GRLAV-3 and production of disease-free plants of Vitis vinifera L. by micropropagation




    Nida Mukhtar

    Rootstock efficiency on in vitro shoot tip grafting of grapefruit and lemon varieties




    Huma Waqif

    Effect of rootstocks on in vitro shoot tip grafting in mandarin and kumquat





    Rehmana Bashir

    Evaluation Of Anti-Microbial Potential Of Silver Nano Particles Synthesized From Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Against Microbes Causing Foot Ulcer In Diabetic Type 2 Patients



    Humaira Kausar

    Evaluation of antibicrobial potential of silver nanoparticles synthesized from Ulothrix zonata




    Molecular detection of pathogens causing citrus greening and citrus variegated chlorosis




    Sehar Fatima

    Detection of Bacterial pathogens causing canker and  huanglongbing in citrus plants by using molecular techniques




    Amna Akram

    Molecular characterization of Hepatitis B Virus in pregnant women



    Maryam Ghias

    Comparison of conventional and in situ transesterification conditions for lipids, extracted from different algal strains.



    Rabia Saeed

    Effect of different stresses on the biomass and oil production of algae



    Rubab Naseem

    Phycoremediation potential of different algal strains and analysis of their lipid content



    Maliha Abbas

    Molecular detection of citrus variegation virus (CVV) from different citrus cultivars of Punjab.



    Zunaira Azia

    Molecular detection and quantification of citrus psorosis virus (CPV) in different citrus cultivars of Punjab.



    Sundus Moazam

    Detection and molecular characterization of fungus causing scab disease in commercial citrus cultivars of Punjab.



    Aalia Abdul Hameed

    Antioxidant profiling of healthy and Citrus trestezia virus infected plants in commercial citrus varieties in Pakistan



    Ayesha Ameen

    Comparison of composting efficiency of different bacteria isolated from Lahore compost.




    Kanza Malik

    Isolation and characterization of polysaccharide degrading microbes from different compost samples



    Hafiza Mehreen Tahir

    Dose optimization of Gamma Radiation to cope with post harvest loses and its effect on nutritional components in Guava (Psidium guajava L.)



    Iqra Farooq

    Fabrication, characterization and evaluation of antibacterialp potential of titania based nanoparticles



    Sidra Naveed

    Optimization of conditions for Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of HBsAg Gene in cucumber (Cucumis sativus)



    Annie Irshad

    Molecular characterization of dengue virus in different areas of Pakistan in year 2013




    Maria  Rafique

    Estimation of antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of various algal species of Lahore



    Wasqa Ijaz

      Comparison  of  antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of endangered medicinal plants:  Aconitum heterophyllum  and  Polygonum bistorta



    Faiza Samina

    Optimization of conditions for Agrobacterium mediated transformation of reporter gene in Tomato.



    Ayesha Saleha


    Analysis of bioactive compounds  in  Atropa belladonna and Matricaria chamomila and  comparison of their  antimicrobial and antioxidant potential   



    Tayyaba Noureen

    Evaluation of various algal species for their potential to be used as feedstock for the production of biofuel          


    BS thesis supervised                                                        
    Total Number: 39

    Sr. No.

    Student’s Name

    Thesis Title



    Aimen Mazhar

        Soil, water and phytochemical analysis of declined citrus orchards of Punjab, Pakistan



    Warda Pervaiz

    Synergistic effect of phosphorus, nitrogen and iron on biomass & biodiesel production from algae



    Laraib mubasher


    Microwave assisted production of algal biodiesal by in-situ transesterfication



    Habiba shafique


    Effect of different culture conditions on pigment production in algae



    Rabia Tariq

    Phytochemical screening of Moringa oleifera leaf extract and analysis of its antibacterial potential



    Iqra Ali

    Antimicrobial potential of Phytochemicals extracted from Hibiscus Rosa sinensis



    Farwa Altaf


    Effect of Nanoparticles on Various Growth Parameters of Sweet Pepper



    Safa Akram

    Effect of different Industrial effluents on the cultivation of various algal species for biodiesel production



    Mahrose Nawaz


    Effect of Mg Dopped Zno 2 Nano-Particles On  Different  Bacteria Isolated From Dental Infectionn



    Rimsha Sajid Khan

    Effect of Manganes dopped Zn O nano-particles on  different  bacteria isolated from dental infections



    Sitara Ahmed

    Optimization of conditions for extraction and In situ transesterification of algal oil for the production of biodiesel



    Maira Iftikhar

    Analysis of nutritional properties of algal species of Punjab Pakistan



    Armish Riaz


    Improvement of quality and microbial safety of Samolina subjected to different sterilization treatments



    Saba Ghulam Mustafa

    Characterization of physical properties and disinfection of wheat flour subjected to gamma irradiation and EtO



    Esha Mehmood Gill

    Comparative effect of gamma irradiation and EtO on the shelf life evaluation of gram flour.



    Sumbal Sardar

    Effect of seed priming on germination properties and seedling establishment of cherry tomato(solanum lycopersicum)



    Ayesha Jamil

    Effect of biopriming on germination and growth of sweet pepper (Capsicum annum)



    Javaria Khalid

    Isolation and quantification of βeta-carotene from different sources



    Sara Anwar

    Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Silver and magnesium nanoparticles synthesized from orange peel



    Sundus Javaid

    Effect of mutagens on biomass and pigment contents of Oscillatoria sp. and Ulothrix sp.





    Antimicrobial and Antioxidant activity of Nanoparticles Synthsized from Microalgae



    Mina Samad


    Effect of mutagens on biomass and lipid content of Oscillatoria sp.  and Ulothrix sp. for enhanced biodiesel production



    Sadia Kiran

    Optimization of extraction and transesterification conditions for the lipids of Pongamia seeds and Citrus peel



    Maryam Shabbir

    Effect of foliar application of ascorbic acid on phytochemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of Ocimum sanctum subjected to salt stress



    Tayyba Nasrulla

    Effect of gamma radiation on nutritional Quality of onion



    Iqra Sharif


    Optimization of different doses of gamma radiation to minimize the microflora of onion



    Sehrish Naveed

    Optimization of gamma radiated does for sprout inhibition and sensory evaluation of gamma irradiated onion



    Ayesha Khalid

    Changes in the antioxidant activity of onion in response to gamma radiation



    Hina Rashid

    Effect of gamma radiation on antimicrobial activity of onion



    Asma Karamat

    Evaluation of potential of  gamma radiation to increase shelf life and its effect on nutrient composition of ginger



    Bushra Irfan

    Effect of gamma radiation on nutritional evaluation value of figs by proximate analysis



    Fiza Akram

    Proximate analysis of dry dates after sterilization treatment with gamma radiation



    Samra Pervaiz

    Effect of gamma radiation on post- harvest spoilage and nutritional quality  of spinach



    Zunaira Tahir

    Effect of gamma radiation on enhancement of shelf life and nutritional quality  of grapes



    Sundas Moazzam

    Proximate analysis of peas after sterilization treatment with gamma radiation



    Zumar Qaiser

    Effect of Gamma radiation on sprout inhibition and nutritional value of potato



    Hijab Khatoon

     Analysis of Citrus fruits for their nutritional components after sterilization treatment with Gamma Radiation



    Nazish Hameed

    Effect of different doses of Gamma radiation  on the nutritional value and shelf  life of onions



    Ayesha Manzoor

    Enhancement in  shelf life of fresh tomatoes and their proximate analysis after  Gamma radiation treatment



Service Activity  

Advisory and Administrative Services 
  • Managing Editor of “ Journal of Innovative sciences” (Recognized by HEC as a Z category journal)
  • Member Departmental BOS
  • Member Doctoral committee
  • Coordinator BS SS Program
  • MSc Admission Coordinator
  • Website coordinator
  • Glassware stock maintenance

Brief Statement of Research Interest

  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Algal Biotechnology


Research Publications (W Category)

  1. Maria Hasnain, *Neelma Munir, Zainul Abideen, Heather Macdonald, Maria Hamid, Zaheer Abbasand Emanuele Radicetti. 2023. Prospects for Biodiesel Production from emerging algal resource: Process Optimization and characterization of Biodiesel Properties. Agriculture,  13(2), 407; (ISSN: 2077-0472; Impact factor: 3.4; W category-HJRS)
  2. Maria Hasnain, Neelma Munir, Zainul Abideen, Daniel Anthony Dias, Farheen Aslam and Roberto Mancinelli.2023. Applying Silver Nanoparticles to Enhance Metabolite Accumulation and Biodiesel Production in New Algal Resources, Agriculture, 13 (1) 73. (ISSN: 2077-0472; Impact factor: 3.4; W category-HJRS)
  3. Maria Hasnain, Neelma Munir, Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui, · Faraz Ali,  · Ali El‑Keblawy, Zainul Abideen. 2022. Integral Approach for the Evaluation of Sugar Cane Bio‑Waste Molasses and Effects on Algal Lipids and Biodiesel ProductionWaste and Biomass Valorization (ISSN: 1877-2641; Impact Factor 3.4; W category-HJRS)
  4. Maria Hasnain · Zainul Abideen  · Daniel Anthony Dias  · Shagufta Naz  · *Neelma Munir. Utilization of Saline Water Enhances Lipid Accumulation in Green Microalgae for the Sustainable Production of Biodiesel BioEnergy Research (ISSN: 1939-1234; Impact factor: 2.8; W category-HJRS)
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  6. Neelma Munir, Sheza A. Khilji, Maryam Shabir and Zahoor A. Sajid . 2021.Exogenous Application of Ascorbic Acid Enhances the Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Potential of Ocimum sanctum Grown under Salt Stress. Journal of Food Quality. 8  (ISSN: 1745-4557. Impact Factor: 2.45; W category-HJRS)
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List of Impact Factor Research / Review Publications

  1. Maria Hasnain, Neelma Munir, Zainul Abideen, Faisal Zulfiqar, Hans Werner Koyro, Ali ElNaggar, Isabel Caçado, Bernardo Duart, Jörg Rinklebe, Jean Wan Hong Yong . 2023. Biochar-plant interaction and detoxification strategies under abiotic stresses for achieving agricultural resilience: A critical review. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Volume 249, 1 January 2023, 114408 (ISSN:  0147-6513; Impact fctor: 7.1; W category, HJRS; Review article )
  2. Neelma  Munir, Mina Samad, Nadia Sharif , Rukhama Haq and Shagufta Naz. 2023. Effect of mutagens on biomass and lipid content of Ulothrix sp. And Oscillatoria sp. For improved biodiesel production. Journal of animal & plant sciences, 33(1): 2023, page: 174-179 issn (print): 1018-7081; Impact factor: 0.5; Y category-HJRS)  2309-8694)  (Research article)
  3. Shama Sadaf ,Ayesha Saeed, Komal Hassan, Zeeshan Ahmad . 2023. Antimicrobial activity of comfort related properties of silk treated with herbal extracts in making of reusable masks Bioscience journal 39:e39035 (ISSN: 1981-3163; Impact factor: 0.5; Y category-HJRS)  DOI:  
  4. Neelma Munir, Maria Hanif, Zainul Abideen,* , Muhammed Sohail, Ali El-Keblawy, Emanuele Radicetti,* , Roberto Mancinelli and Ghulam Haider’ 2022. Mechanisms and Strategies of Plant Microbiome Interactions to Mitigate Abiotic Stresses. Agronomy 2022, 12, 2069. (ISSN: 2073-4395; Impact factor 3.949: W category-HJRS; )) agronomy12092069
  5. Zainul Abideen, Huma Waqif , Neelma Munir,*, Ali El-Keblawy, Maria Hasnain , Emanuele Radicetti,* , Roberto Mancinelli, Brent L. Nielsen and Ghulam Haider. 2022. Algal-Mediated Nanoparticles, Phycochar, and Biofertilizers for Mitigating Abiotic Stresses in Plants: A Review. Agronomy, 12, 1788.. (ISSN: 2073-4395; Impact factor 3.949; W category-HJRS; Review article) agronomy12081788
  6. Neelma Munir, Maria Hasnain, Ute Roessner, Zainul Abideen. 2022. Strategies in improving plant salinity resistance and use of salinity resistant plants for economic sustainability. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 52:12, 2150-2196. , (ISSN: 1064-338: Impact Factor 11.75; W category-HJRS; Review article) https://
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  12. Maria Hasnain, Zainul Abideen, Shagufta Naz &Ute Roessner and *Neelma Munir. 2021. Biodiesel production from new algal sources using response surface methodology and microwave application. Biomass Conversion and BiorefineryDOI: 1007/s13399-021-01560-4 (ISSN: 2190-6815 Impact factor 4.8, X category-HJRS) 
  13. Neelma Munir, Maria Hanif , Daniel Anthony Dias and Zainul Abideen. 2021. The role of halophytic nanoparticles towards the remediation of degraded and saline agricultural lands. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28:60383–60405. ISSN: 1614-7499; Impact factor: 5.1; W category-HJRS; Review article) (
  14. Neelma Munir, Armish Riaz, Esha Mehmood, Saba Ghulam Mustafa, Rukhama Haq , Saiqa Ilyas and Shagufta Naz. 2021. Effect of different treatments on nutritional, microbiological and rheological properties of flours. Progress in Nutrition 23(2): e2021113 (ISSN: 11298723; IF:0.5; Y category-HJRS) DOI: 10.23751/pn.v23i2.9217 
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Book Chapters Published:

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Research Grants and Contracts.
  • Research Grant as PI on HEC project No. NRPU/R&D/HEC/2738 entitled “Collection, identification and Extraction of oil from various high oil yielding algal species, their molecular characterization and analysis of algal oil as a feedstock for biofuel production” awarded by HEC; Award amount: 10.1 million.(2017-on going) 
  • Research grant as Co PI on HEC project No. PD-IPFP/HRD/HEC/2013/1908 Studying the effect on expression of a recombinant protein by changing the nucleotides at the promoter and start of the gene. (completed) 
  • Research grant as PI in HEC funded project no. PM-IPFP/HRD/HEC/2011/2258 entitled “Effect of induced mutation for varietal improvement and their molecular characterization in local cultivars of grapes” awarded by HEC of 0.5 million (completed)

Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

Patents Filed
  • “A process of Inoculum preparation to enhance the composting efficiency” submitted by Dr. Neelma Munir, Ms. Aisha Amin, Dr. Imran Altaf, Dr. Rasheeda Bashir, and Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz in Gazette No. 192/2016 dated 4-4-2016
  • “A novel and cost effective process for in vitro clonal multiplication of pine apple “Amamas comosus)” by Dr. Saiqa Ilyas Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz Dr. Neelma Munir in Gazette No. 398/2016 dated 29-6-2016. 
  • “A Process for preparation of Biodiesel from Novel Algal Strain” submitted by Dr. Neelma Munir, Ms. Nadia Sharif, Dr. Faiza Saleem, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz in Gazette No. 151/2015 dated 20-03-2015.
  • “Identification of three novel Pakistani strains Enterobacter cloacae PK2, Enterobacter cloacae PK23 Enterobacter cloacae PK33 with new delhi- Metallo-B-Lactamase-1 (blandm-1) gene isolated from Pakistani children” Dr. Farheen Aslam, Hira Lodhi, Khwaja Ahmad Irfan Waheed, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Dr. Faiza Saleem, Dr. Neelma Munir Gazette No. 200/2015 dated  10-04-2015
  • “A process for preservation of Kinnow without affecting its functional and nutritional components” by Dr. Neelma Munir, Ms. Hijab Khatoon, Ms. Rukhama Haq, Dr. Faiza Saleem, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz Gazette No. 201/2015 dated 10-04-2015
  • “Identification of two novel Pakistani strains Citrobacter freundii PK14 and Citrobacter freundii PK26 with new Delhi-Metallo-B-Lactamase-1 (BLANDM'-1) gene isolated from Pakistani Children” by Dr. Farheen Aslam, Hira Lodhi, Khwaja Ahmad Irfan Waheed, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Dr. Neelma Munir Gazette No. 202/2015 dated 10-04-15
  • ‘Modified DNA extraction method with CTAB for enhancing the quality and quantity of DNA” by Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Ms. Saiqa Ilyas, Ms. Kiran Shahzadi, Ms. Ambreen Zufrullah, Dr. Neelma Munir, Dr. Faiza Saleem Gazette No. 206/2015 dated 10-04-2015
  • “A process for identification and isolation of fourteen novel strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp pneumonia with CTX-M gene from Pakistani population” by Dr. Rasheeda Bashir, Ms. Neelam Zeb, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Dr. Imran Altaf, Dr. Faiza Saleem, Dr. Neelma Munir, Dr. Farheen Aslam, Ms Rukhama Haq in Gazette No. 220/2015 Dated 21-04-2015
  • “Identification and isolation of two genetically heterogeneous novel Pakistani strains of klebsiella pneumonia subsp oxitoca BT2 and BT8 with CTX-M gene from Pakistani pneumonia patients" submitted by Dr. Rasheeda Bashir,Ms. Neelam Zeb, Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Dr. Imran Altaf, Dr. Faiza Saleem, Dr. Neelma Munir, Dr. Farheen Aslam, Ms Rukhama Haq Published in Gazette No. 221/2015 dated 21-04-2015

Selected Professional Presentations

Oral Presentaions: 
  • International conference on saline resource management in the context of global climate changes
  • 8ᵗʰ international and 17ᵗʰNationalConference on “Advances in Plant Science in the Era of Climate Change”
  • 1st international conference on recent approaches in plant sciences (RAPS-2022)
  • 3rd  International conference: “Empowering Nation through Sciences” 24th- 25th April 2019 organized by Women University Mardan.
  • 2nd International conference on water saving and plant production strategies: constraints and challenges for sustainable agriculture. March 26th -28th , 2019 organized by GCU, Faisalabad.
  • 2nd International conference on plant sciences 5th -7th December, 2018 organized by GCU, Lahore.
  • New Trends in Natural Sciences, Public health food Nutrition and safety 24-26th October, 2018 organized by Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.
  • Current Scenario of Research in Plant Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities 9th -11th May, 2018 organized by University of Sargodha
  • 7th International and 16th National conference on Plant Resources: Current Trends Challenges and solutions from 23-26th March, 2018 organized by University of Peshawar, Peshawar.
  • A conference on Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from 7th -9th February , 2018 organized by Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • New Trends in Natural Sciences: From Basic to Applied 25th -27th October, 2017 organized by Department of Biotechnology & Zoology, LCWU.
  • 3rd International conference on Biotechnology (ICB): Challenges and opportunities in Pakistan on 8th -9th  February, 2017 organized by  University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan, UNIDO, PCSIR &PSF
  • Ist International conference on Advancements in biotechnology. 30th -31st March, 2016. GC women University, Faisalabad.
  • 2nd international conference on Bio energy “challenges and oppurtunities. University of south Asia. 24th -25th February, 2016.
  • 14th National and 5th International Conference of Botany “Climate change and: Challenges and Opportunities”January 15th -18th , 2016  organized by University of Karachi.
  • Defeating the public enemy, The mosquito: A real Challenge 3rd-4th  december, 2014.
  • Ist international conference on Bio energy “challenges and oppurtunities. 20-21 november organized by University of South Asia, Lahore
  • International conference of plant sciences (ICPS). 22nd-24thSeptember 2014 organized by GCU, Lahore. 
Poster Presentations: 
  • 2nd International conference on plant sciences from 5th- -7th December, 2018  organized by, GCU, Lahore.
  • New Trends in Natural Sciences: From Basic to Applied 25th -27th October organized by Department of Biotechnology & Zoology, LCWU
  • 3rd International conference on Biotechnology (ICB): Challenges and opportunities in Pakistan (Oral and presentation) on 8-9 February, 2017 organized by University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan, UNIDO, PCSIR &PSF
  • 6th invention to innovation summit, 8th -9th  March 2017 organized by Punjab University, Lahore.
  • 2nd women inter collegiate and university science symposium and model /poster competition on revolution of Biotechnolog  on 18th April 2014.
  • 3rd invention to innovation summit 2014 “Technologies having Potential for commercialization on March 19-20,2014.
  • Colors of biotehnology, Biotechnology and Microbiology Department, LCWU on December, 20th 2012
  • Ist women inter collegiate and university science model and poster competition on Impact of Biotechnology in today’s worldcourses  on 12th March. 2013