Department of Economics

Dr. Hafsah Batool

Dr. Hafsah Batool
Dr. Hafsah Batool

Department of Economics
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Academic Qualification





University of the Punjab, Lahore

M. S


LCWU,  Lahore



(Gold Medal)


University of Sargodha


(Economics, Arabic Literature)

University of the Punjab, Lahore


(Gold Medal)

(Economics, Arabic Literature, Education)

BISE, Sargodha


(Physics, Chemistry,  Biology)

BISE, Sargodha





04-05-2006 to date


LCWU, Lahore

Honor and Awards

  • Gold Medal in BISE, Sargodha (1ST Position in Board) 
  • Gold Medal in M.A.(Economics) from University of Sargodha(1ST Position)
  • Academic excellence award by Chief Executive of Pakistan 
  • MOU with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries(FPCCI)


  • Actively working with FPCCI and WCCI for economic empowerment of our young girls for inclusive development and sustainability and for promoting women entrepreneurship.

Graduate Students/Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/Honour Students

  •   Research Project


      1) Huma Jamil

      2) Rimsha Khalid

      3) Farza Khan

      4) Rimsha Riaz                                                          

      5)Aiza  Shams    ( in progress)

      6) Laraib Javed   ( in progress) 

    MS Economics                                Rubab Aslam      ( in progress)

    MS Economics                                Iqra Aziz              (in progress)

    Service Activity    

              Teaching, Invigilation Duties, Paper setting, Paper Checking, Admissions duty, Incharge maintenance and construction committee, Member journal committee, Research work for publications and research students. Incharge curriculum committee, BS Coordinator, Member Society of Economics, Incharge Scholarship affair       

    Brief Statement of Research Interest

  • Inclusive and sustainable economic development

    Women empowerment

    Sustainable development Goals

    Primary Research



  • Hafsa Batool, Hafeez Ur Rehman, Nabila Ashagar(2020) Key Dimensions and Determinants of women’s Empowerment in Pakistan: Empirical Evidence from Southern Punjab. Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan. Volume No. 57, Issue No. 1
  • Hafsa Batool, Mumtaz Anwar, Nabila Asghar, Hafeez Ur Rehman, Asifa Kamal (2021) “A nexus between household characteristics and women’s empowerment: A case study of Punjab, Pakistan”. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews
  • Hafsah Batool, Nabila Asghar, Hafeezur Rehman, Mumtaz Anwar “Women autonomy and sustainable development: A case of Southern Punjab”, Elementary Education Online
  • Hafsah Batool, Mumtaz Anwar , Nabila Asghar, Hafeezur Rehman “Women empowerment in perspective of socioeconomics dynamics: A case study of Northern Punjab, Pakistan” Elementary Education Online
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  • Batool, H., & Nazly, N. (2021). Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers and Socio-Demographic Factors Nexus: An Empirical Investigation in the District Vehari. VOL. 58 NO. 2 (2021)
  • Batool, H., & Nazly, N. (2021). Developing a System for Teaching Effectiveness by Student Classification of Teacher Attributes at the University of Lahore College for Women University. VOL. 58 NO. 2 (2021) 
  • Reehan Hameed, Hafsa Batool, Israr Hussain(2020) Dynamics of domestic debt and implications on economic growth:evience from SAARC countries. Journal of Peace, Development and Communication vol.4 page 428-444 
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  • Nabeela Nazly, Hafsah Batool(2020) Effect on student satisfaction with the quality management of Higher Education in Pakistan. Journal of Critical Reviews. vol.7 page 4745-4754 
  • Nabeela Nazly, Talat Sohail,Hafsah Batool (2020) A Nexus between student perception of the learning environment and learning outcomes in Lahore College for Women University of Pakistan. Journal of Critical 4734-4744 
  • Majid Ali, Abdul Saboor, Shahzada M. Naeem Nawaz, Hafsah Batool. IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS-19 ON MENTAL HEALTH: A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. EEO. 2021; 20(4): 907-918. doi:10.17051/ilkonline.2021.04.97 
  • Reehan Hameed, Hafsah Batool, Arman Khan, Iftakhar Ahmed, Naeem Ur Rehman, “Sustainable Development Goals Challenges And Strategies For South Asian Countries” Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews

  • Ghulam Hussain, Mariyam Hafeez, Hafsah Batool “Islamic Modes of Finance and Economic Growth: A Mediating Role of Financial Stability in Case of Islamic Countries”
  • Muhammad Abdullah ,Ayza Shoukat ,Hafsah Batool “Employment Implications Of Economic Liberalization: Ardl Based Evidence From Pakistan” Pakistan Journal of Social Research 
  • Asifa Kamal, Sadaf Malik , Hafsa Batool, Afza Rasul

    Influence Of Individual And Community-Level Associates Of Contraceptive Use In Pakistan: A Multi-Level Mixed Effect Analysis (Pdhs 2017-18) Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews

  • Zahida Shabnum, Saima Farooq, Hafsah Batool, “Islamic Culture and Pakistani Women: A Self Perception and Understanding”
  • Ramsha Saleem, Ammara Amjad Hashmi, Hafsah Batool, Muhammad Naeem “Income Diversification by agro Pastoralists in Cholistan Desert Punjab, Pakistan”

Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

Women education Problems in rural areas and solution published in Daily Riasat
Juvenile delinquency and the role of socio economic factors :A case of selected juvenile offenders in Punjab, Pakistan (research project submitted to RASTA not approved)

 Selected Professional Presentations

  • Research paper “Regional diversity of women empowerment in Punjab, Pakistan” presented in 7th international conference on Business management
  • Research paper “Regional diversity of sustainable economic development in Province Punjab, Pakistan” presented in 35th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Pakistan Society of development Economists.
  • Organized/  arranged cross Sectoral dialogue on sustainable development goals especially (goal 1,5) and two days training workshop on digital marketing to generate income through online business