Department of Architecture

Ar. Khizra Shahzad

Ar. Khizra Shahzad
Ar. Khizra Shahzad

Department of Architecture
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February 2020 till to date.


Architecture Department, LCWU, Lahore.

September       2019       to

February 2020.

Architect (Daily Wages)

Walled    City    Lahore    Authority (WCLA), Lahore.

August 2018 to January



Arcage Studio

September       2018       to

February 2019.

Visiting Lecturer

Architecture Department, LCWU,


January         2018         to

December 2018.


FINARCH   (Mirza     Amjad    Ali


July 2016 to September


Intern Architect

FINARCH   (Mirza     Amjad    Ali


September       2015       to

November 2015

Intern Architect

Oulin Kitchen

March 2015 to August


Intern Architect

Faisal & Riaz Associates

Honor and Awards

  • Honored an Appreciation Award for the best performance in Edifiers Activism as a Joint
  • Studied on Scholarship in FSC Pre Engineering Superior College Lahore.


  • Member of Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planner (PCATP) (A-07148)
  • Member of Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP)

Graduate Students/Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/Honor Students

Thesis Supervisor of Session 2016-2021

Student Name


Thesis Title

Batool Azra


Riverfront Development

Faria Shafique


Centre For Attention to Overweight and Obesity

Irza Arif


Children Hospital Gujranwala

Maria Rafique


A Healing Oasis

Service Activity

  1. Timetable Coordinator of Fall Semester`21
  2. Co-Exam Coordinator
  3. Admission Coordinator of Fall Semester`21
  4. Thesis Coordinator for session 2017-2022
  5. Conduct Juries being Course
  6. External Juror for Private & Public Intuitions such as UET, IAC & PUCAD
  7. Departmental Stationery Incharge

Brief Statement of Research Interest

  • Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Building of Pakistan.
  • Adaptive Reuse of Cultural & abundant Historical Buildings.
  • Revitalization of Suburban area of Lahore.
  • How to achieve Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Contribution of Female Architects in the world of Architecture.


  • In Process
Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

  • Worked as a team member in the Conservation of Ali Mardan Villa, Peshawar.
  • Worked as a team member on Documentation & Restoration of Red Fort Muzaffarabad.
  • Worked as a team member on Conservation of Moti Masjid Lahore Fort
  • Worked as a team member on Documentation of Laal & Kala Burj, Lahore Fort.
  • Worked as a Project Architect on Different Residential & Commercial Projects.
  • Worked on Research Projects such as PARK(ing) - Reimaging Urban public spaces of Lahore - participated REBAR offers Park(ing) day as an architype for open source urban design which is accessible to all.
  • It is motivated by the desire to activate the metered parking space as a site for creative experimentation, political and cultural expression. Lahore, Pakistan participated in this annual international event through a collaborative effort with a private firm named AARC: Architorque’s Academic and Research Center. The project is based on DIY (Do It Yourself) Urbanism Theme.
  • Worked on how to control the Mall Road Traffic Conjunction Policies & By Laws.
  • Research Article on Less known monument of Lahore – Nawankot Gateway to Zaib-un-Nisa Tomb, Lahore.
  • Worked on Urban Determinants of Walled City, Lahore Analysis of Urban Planning of Charar Pind, DHA, Lahore.

Selected Professional Presentations

  • Attended workshop on Outcome Based Education Teaching Methodologies in Architecture at Architecture Department, LCWU
  • Attended 2nd International Workshop on High Performance Energy Efficient Building Design & Construction.