Academic Council

Academic Council

  1. The Academic Council consist of –

    the Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson;

    ii.the Deans;

    iii.the Directors of Institutes; 

    iv.the Principals of constituent colleges;
    v.the Principals of affiliated colleges;

    vi.the Professors including Professors Emeritus; 

    vii.two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors and two lecturers to be elected from amongst themselves; 

    viii.the Chairpersons of the Academic Departments; 

    ix. five persons to be nominated by the Chancellor;

    x.three persons of eminence to be nominated by the Syndicate; 

    xi.the Secretary to Government of the Punjab, Education Department or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary; 

    xii.the Executive District Officer (Education), Lahore; 

    xiii.two persons from the private sector to be nominated by the Chancellor;

    xiv.two experts in the field of education to be nominated by the Chancellor; 

    xv.the Registrar (Member/Secretary); 

    xvi.the Controller of Examinations; and 

    xvii. the Librarian.