Department of Mathematics


Mathematics is a science of numbers, logics, shapes, abstract structures and arrangements. It is learning of various Mathematical tools which are helpful in solving problems of sciences and technology. The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest and most diverse department within the University. It was established during Pre-Partition days. Dr. Maria Hussain is presently working as Head of the Department. Mathematics, as a subject in B.Sc., was introduced in 1958. M.Sc. classes were initiated in 1996. Currently, department is offering 4-years BS program, 2-years Masters and PhD in mathematics. Graduates of the University are expected to apply their skills to solve multifaceted problems in an ever-changing world and mathematics plays a vital part in cultivating the skills and framework needed to tackle such challenges. It is also one of the best supporting subjects for many other disciplines. Graduates from the department take up positions in diverse fields like teaching, research, banking, industry and planning etc. If you are a potential undergraduate student, we invite you to join us in exploring the exciting opportunities.