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Naghmana Ghafoor
Naghmana Ghafoor

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19-10-2011 till date

Lecturer in Economics

LCWU, Lahore

August to October 2011

Urban Economist

The Urban Unit, Lahore

November 2008 to July 2011.

Research Associate

Sustainable Development Study Center, GC University, Lahore

Graduate Students/ Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/ Honour Students

List of Graduate Theses (Completed)

  1. Impact of Infrastructure Development on Economic Growth: A Case Study of Selected Lower Middle Income Countries (Rimsha Irshad, Session: 2015-2017).
  2. Determinants of Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration: A Case Study of Lahore City (Zummara Nadeem, Session: 2012-2014).
  3. Impact of Parent Involvement in Children Education: Evidence from the City of Lahore (Asna Khan, Session: 2011-2013).
  4. Determinants of Passengers Willingness to Pay for Lahore Rapid Mass transit (Faiza Malik, Session: 2011-2013)
  5. Health Effects of Textile Dyes on Workers Efficiency (Azazia Asif, Session: 2010-2012).

    Supervising Internship Reports

Service Activity

Teaching different courses of Economics to under graduate students. Supervising internship reports for Honour students. Continuing research in my area of interest.

Brief Statement of Research Interest

Ms. Naghmana Ghafoor is serving as Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Lahore College University (LCWU), from last ten (10) years. Currently, she is completing her PhD Economics from The Superior University, Lahore. Her doctoral thesis is titled as: “Environmental Impacts of Agglomeration Economies in Major Cities of Pakistan: A Panel Data Analysis”. Previously she has served as Urban Economist in Urban Unit, P & D, Govt. of Punjab, Lahore. She has also served at Sustainable Development Study Center, GC University, Lahore, as a Research Associate in a research project of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and co-authored the project report titled “Ecosystem Health of the Indus River Watershed: Socioeconomic Impacts and Behavioral Responses of the Communities to the Degraded Environment in the Ravi-Chenab Watershed”. It was a multidisciplinary and integrated project, including participatory work. She strengths in statistical analyses of data, designing questionnaires, conducting household surveys, interviews and focus groups. She is continuing her research on environmental and urban economic issues, household well-being, migration, and rural-urban nexus.



(Add the papers titles given below in the existing list of publications) 
  1. Ghafoor, N., Nisa, M., Fayyaz, S., & Akbar, M. R. (2021). An Empirical Investigation of Socio-Economic Impacts of Agglomeration Economies in Major Cities of Punjab, Pakistan. Cogent Economics & Finance. 9(1). DOI: 10.108023322039.2021.1975915. (X-category) 
  1. Ghafoor, N., Nisa, M., & Akbar, M. A. (2021). Socioeconomic Determinants of Migration in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, DOI: 10.1007/s13132-021-00844-4. (W-category, Impact factor: 1.964) 
  1. Irshad, R., Nisa, M., & Ghafoor, N. (2021). Infrastructure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Lower Middle Income Countries. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, (Accepted) (W-category, Impact factor: 1.964)
  2. Gulzar, A., Ditta, A., Rehman, H., & Ghafoor, N. (2020). Testing the Validity of Keynesian Military Model of Fiscal Side in Case of Pakistan. Review of Economics and Development Studies, 6(3), 675-686. (Y-Category).

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Working as Reviewer with Journal of the Knowledge Economy

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