The goal of a ‘Law school’ in LCWU cannot be separated from the mission of the university. The main objective is to provide quality law education to female students. The major aim is to create a legally aware society which is open to promoting justice in terms of equality for females in the legal profession. As of now, we are far behind to achieve that. Women are still under-represented in variety of the legal professions such as judiciary, law firms and in the teaching of law due to lack of exclusive female law institutions. Only Kinnaird College for Women University has taken this initiative to cop up with this issue. However, it merely addresses the upper class of society as they have unaffordable fee structure for moderate classes in the society. One of the major aim to establish this law institution in Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is to get a prominent law school exclusively for girls with public sector fee structure so that every female who wishes to have this degree can peruse it gracefully.

It is high time that issues such as gender stereotypes, sexual harassment at workplaces and under-representation should come to an end. More so because there are now more opportunities such as more law schools around the world, more law firms, courts and other areas where lawyers have opportunities to practice law. At this point, issues such as limiting the number of females who can be a part of the legal profession need to be non-existent. A landmark project by LCWU exclusively for female students would definitely create a difference in our education sector and resultantly will impact the profession of law. We need to have more female judges in judiciary as well who are considered as less biased and more dedicated to their professional work. Furthermore, there is also a quota system in this field specifically for law prosecutors, judiciary and with development of law school for female students through LCWU platform, there would be brighter chances to empower young females aspirants not only financially but also socially and politically as well