Department of Pakistan Studies


The grant status of Degree Awarding Institution to Lahore College for Women on I0th August, 1999 was a milestone in its history. Soon after that Political Science department was privilege as the 1" department to initiate a new two year Master program in Pakistan Studies in September 1999 and ['batch of 30 students passed out in 2001. BS 4 year degree program was started in the year 2005.This program was started with the aim to provide quality education and empower women through useful employment to participate in the political and socio economic development of Pakistan. All the faculty members of Political Science Department worked very hard in the process of establishment and strengthening of discipline of Pakistan Studies at Undergraduate and Master level. Two faculty members with M.Sc degree in Pakistan Studies (one from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and other M.A Pakistan Studies from LCWU were inducted and the process of strengthening the program as a part of Political Science department continued.

The students of Pakistan Studies BS program take active pan in voluntary services, Internship programs and writing research reports help in raising awareness development and capacity building among the students. Teaching of this subject at master level BS 4-year degree program and compulsory course for all students for Inter to undergraduate level enhance the importance of this subject. Keeping in view the overburden of Political Science Department for catering three full fledge subject the administration took the decision to create Pakistan Studies as an independent department in 2017 .The two year master program has been honored to benefit from the untiring services of the following eminent personalities who served as Heads of Department since 1999: Mrs Shameem Bilal, Mrs. Anees tauqeer, Mrs. Arjumand Hussain, Mrs Nayyar Masood, Mrs. Mobina Ali and recently under the chairmanship of Mrs. Sobia Naseer.