Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice


Department of Pharmacy Practice will serve as a platform for professional grooming of students within the various domains of health care including Medication Management, Pharmacotherapy, Health promotion, disease prevention, communication and documentation
The students will be able to:

•    Contribute to the database of information about the Patient Pharmaceutical Care Plan Development

•    Assess and monitor the patient's drug therapy and problems associated with it.

•    Counsel and educate patients, as well as communicate with other health care professionals.  

•    Acquire, comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. The student shall integrate these abilities to identify, resolve, and prevent problems and make appropriate decisions

•    Represent the profession in an ethical manner

•     Strive continuously to expand her knowledge to maintain professional competence.  

•    Apply technology to Pharmacy Practice and Science

Our M.Phil Program was started with the objective to develop a cohesive research strategy which may assist the pharmacy practice researchers in designing, monitoring and implementing clinical studies and intervention studies and to educate students about innovative patient safety techniques to enhance their clinical skills