Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice


Subjects offered by the Department

1.    Pharmacy Practice-I (Pharmaceutical Mathematics and Biostatistics)

2.    Pharmacy Practice-II (Dispensing, Community, Social & Administrative Pharmacy)

3.    Pharmacy Practice-III (Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy)

4.    Pharmacy Practice-IV (Hospital Pharmacy)

5.    Pharmacy Practice-V (Clinical Pharmacy-I)

6.    Pharmacy Practice-VI (Clinical Pharmacy-II)

7.    Pharmacy Practice-VII (Forensic Pharmacy)

8.    Pharmacy Practice-VIII (Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing)

M.Phil Program

1.    BioStatistics

2.    Health care

3.    Pharmaceutical Care Plan

4.    Clinical Pharmacy& Pharmacotherapeutics-I

5.    Pharmacy Practice Lab-I

6.    Research Methodology

7.    Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacotherapeutics-II

8.    Clinical Pharmacokinetics (Dose Indivdualization)

9.    Pharmacy Practice Lab-II