Department of Economics

Ramsha Saleem

Ramsha Saleem
Ramsha Saleem

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics
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  • October, 2011 - To Date, Assistant Professor of Economics, LCWU.
  • June, 2007 – October, 2011, Assistant Professor of Economics, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • February, 2005 – June, 2007, Lecturer in Economics, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Graduate Students/ Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/ Honour Students

  • Hafsa Batool (2010-2012): Socio Economics Determinants of Women Status: A case study of Sargodha District, Punjab, Pakistan (Completed)
  • Ezzah Batool (2011-2013): Relationship between Poverty and Literacy Rate in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (Completed)
  • Hira Khan (2012-2014) Determinants of Exchange Rate in Pakistan. (Completed)
  • Zainab Tariq (2012-2014): Urbanization, Industrialization and Economic Growth in Pakistan (Completed)
  • Farah Zahid (2013-2015): Impact of Human Capital upon Economic Growth in Pakistan (Completed)
  • Amna Fayyaz (2017-2019): Impact of Health Indicators upon Total Factor Productivity: A case study of selected Asian countries. (Continued)
  • Sidra Azam (2018-2020): (Continued)
  • Tahira Siddique (2018-2020): (Continued)

Service Activity

  • Teaching different courses of Economics to undergraduate students in Fall semester 2019.

  • Admission coordinator for BS(Hons) Economics

  • Laptop Coordinator for Economics Department

  • Member BOS

  • Coordinator for BS(IV) in Economics Department

Brief Statement of Research Interest

Case studies based on primary data, International Trade and Human Resource Economics


  • The Long-run and Short-run relationship between poverty and literacy rate in Pakistan. Pakistan business review, Volume 20, Issue-4, June-2019. HEC approved “X” category Journal
  • Demographic Characteristics and women’s Status in Cholistan. South Asian Studies Volume 21, No. 2 July 2006
  • Measuring and Modeling the Domestic Empowerment of Rural Women in Pakistan, ISSN 1684-8403, Journal of Statistics Vol. 14, 2007
  • The Impact of Vocational Education on Economic Growth of Pakistan. Bulletin of Business of Economics, 5(2), 83 – 91.

Research Grants and Contracts.

  • Research study for CPEC Projects under title “Job opportunities to be created by CPEC and Pakistan’s manpower to benefit” Funded By Center of Excellence, PIDE, Islamabad, Pakistan with an award of RS=250,000/
  • Evaluation of socio-economic conditions of women in Cholistani & their role in natural resource management funded by WWF-Pakistan, with an award of RS=100,000/

Selected Professional Presentations

  1. “Job opportunities to be created by CPEC and Pakistan’s manpower to benefit” was presented in CIMAS-2019 2nd International conference on Contemporary Issues in Management & Administrative Sciences March 26-28, 2019