Department of Sociology

COD's Message

The Lahore College for Women University established the Department of Sociology in 2016 with the vision to sensitize the female students with social issues and problems related to main social institutions of society. Over the last few years more than 66 students have been graduated with flying colours and most of our graduates are performing different roles on different position in the non-governmental organization and educational institution. 

Our aim is to produce competent social scientist to serve the community and to solution out the existing social issues in a professional and social capacity. We always strive to set the finest trends in teaching, research and professional services. We are highly committed to produce such social experts and analysts to change the mind-set and perspective of society. 

We extend a warm welcome to students to study at the Department of Sociology to become one of the fruitful individual of society who will be versatile to work in best leading National and International sectors and in job market.

Dr Asma Seemi Malik
Chairperson of the Department