Department of Sociology


The development and progress of any country is positively correlated with the development of its educational system and institutions. Lahore College for Women University has emerged as a center of excellence over the years in higher education in Pakistan. At Ruth Pfau Women Institute for Leadership and Learning (WILL), students are educated with the motto "Enter to learn, Leave to lead". WII,I, has been playing a significant role in promoting leadership skills along with scholarly zeal in young females.

Sociology is the scientific study of the structure and function of human societies, cultures, and social institutions. The students of sociology develop a rich understanding of the makeup of, and relationship between very simple and basic institutions like family on one hand and very complex ones such as bureaucracy and government on the other. The discipline has a very rich content, broad scope, and immense applicability. Today, Sociology is one of the most popular social sciences. The scope of Sociology is very broad and the discipline has wide applicability to our society. The graduates of Sociology are performing professional services in government and private sector such as institutional, correctional, welfare, social and health care services in addition to teaching, research, and development. Major objective of the establishment of this department, besides imparting education in a popular discipline, is to open doorways to new avenues in the job market.
The department of Sociology introduced BS program in 2016. HEC guidelines have been followed in the layout of the curriculum. The faculty of department warmly welcomes young scholars to our department for a fruitful learning experience in the next four years.