Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement

Modes of Operation

The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement operates on the following model:

Discovery Phase

Help currently inducted students to explore their interests, values, and skills and how they may relate to various jobs. The results will help pinpoint careers that might suit them.

Career counselors join with Campus clubs, talk to faculty and professionals in the relevant fields 

Career counselors help students to find a part-time or summer job that relates to their major or career goals.

Exploration Phase

The Exploration phase helps students narrow their career exploration path by ensuring that their academics support their goals.

Career counselors help contact people in jobs that interest the students so that they can find out more about those jobs.

Relevant short workshops and seminars that teach students preliminary job-search skills—resume writing, for example—to help find a part-time or summer job so as to test their chosen career fields; will be simultaneously conducted.

Experience and Experiment Phase

This phase gives students a chance to decide if the career they’ve chosen is right or if they should look at other careers.

Career counselors direct students to job fairs and to internships in their field.

Encourage students to participate in more job-search workshops to hone their resume writing skills and help compose a cover letter to an employer.

Choice Phase

In the final phase—the Choice Phase—students will get their resume critiqued and proofread in preparation for real interviews with real employers for real jobs.

Students will be encouraged to research potential employers and sign up for on-campus interviews with those they choose.

Students will attend job fairs – Network with professionals—especially alumni who might be supporting their job-search efforts—in the field they have chosen.

Then, pursue their first job.

The career planning process really can take four years. However, for those students who are being catered to right now, who have come in a little late, counselors provide a modified version of the timeline to help a student find a job in six months.

What we are doing right now:

The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement at this point is operating at all the above mentioned phases.  Upon establishment, the first step taken once student registration has completed was Need Assessment Analysis.  Based on the data gathered and the areas highlighted, various training sessions have been conducted so as to help students develop employability skills.  Further, various seminars and lectures are conducted every week so as to help students identify their areas of interests and explore job avenues.  Students also get a chance to interact with various officials from organizations such as British Council and The United States Education Foundation to explore opportunities of higher education and research collaboration.