Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement



The  Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement (CCJP) became operational in October 2011, with the purpose of providing career guidance, and placement services to the graduates and students regarding their career development. The Centre provides the resources and strategies for making positive career choices including choosing a college major and developing career plans, providing necessary skills to excel in the job market and creating job search materials, finding internships and full-time jobs, and making informed decision when choosing a career as well as going for successful career transitions. In addition to career and placement services, our Centre offers career exploration services. Career exploration involves matching one’s skills and interests to potential occupations.

The Centre Prepares Students for Career Success and Their Role as Future Leaders by:

  • Helping students start their career planning and preparation at an early stage through career and student development programs.
  • Soliciting more internship opportunities and further expand the employment network for graduates.
  • Effectively improving students in behavior and skills necessary to seek and qualify for job.
  • Inviting government officers, judges, women entrepreneurs and members of Federal, Provincial   and Public Services for interaction with students.
  • Conducting workshop and seminars to encourage students toward public and private employment.
  • Training session for skill enhancement and capacity building of the students.
  • Guiding students choose further higher education in Pakistan or abroad in their study area with the help of Higher Education Commission (HEC).