Department of Graphic Design

Conferences & Seminar

Conferences/Workshops /Seminars participated by Faculty Members

1.    Feb 2015 ‘Indigenous on Campus Training’, Organized by DFDI and HEC.

2.    October 2014 ‘Aesthetics n clay’ Ceramics Workshop, Institute of Design & Visual Arts, LCWU

3.    August 2014 ‘Museum Studies and Planning’ Institute of Design & Visual Arts, DFDI, LCWU

4.    June 2014 ‘Drawing Through Charcoal’ Institute of Design & Visual Arts, DFDI, LCWU

5.    June 2014 ‘Gender Sensitization and the role of Young Media Professionals’ conducted by UNESCO, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.

6.    April 2014 ‘De Bono Thinking Skills’ conducted by Dr. Sunil Gupta.

7.    Jan 2014 International Research Workshop ‘Postgraduate Research Tools-Research Made Easy’ conducted by Mr. Anton Svendrovski, Head STATSHELP, Canada.

Research Centre for Training & Development.

8.    Dec 2013 ‘Art for Social Change’. Institute of Design & Visual Arts, LCWU.  

9.    Nov 2013 ‘New Paradigm of Learning Organization’ conducted by Dr. Mh. Danial Seed Pirzada, Deputy Chief Scientist at PINSTECH.

10.    Oct 2013 International Workshop ‘Celebrating Bengal School Movement’. Institute of Design & Visual Arts, LCWU.
11.    June 2013 ‘Leadership Learning’ conducted by Dr. Aniqua Rana. Summer Leadership Institute Canada, Ministry of Education & Training Govt. of Pakistan and LCWU.

12.    Sep 2013 ‘Fundamentals of Assessment in Higher Education’ Vista Brainz Professional Development Services, LCWU

13.    Jan 2013 International Conference ‘Language Sciences and the Developing World’ LCWU

14.    May 2013 ‘Teaching by the Case Study Method’ conducted by Dr. Tariq Hussain, Quality Enhancement Cell, LCWU.

15.    Sep 2012 ‘Develop Effective Teaching and Learning’ conducted by MS. Ismat Riaz. LCWU

16.    Oct 2012 ‘Women in Leadership’ conducted by Mr. Wali Zahid. Skill City UAE, LCWU

17.    July 2012 ‘Vision Development’ workshop conducted by Dr. Tariq Hussain.

18.    July 2012 International training of facilitators for ‘Active Citizen Training of Facilitators’ program conducted by BRITISH COUNCIL and LCWU

19.    Feb 2012 One Day workshop ‘Publication & Dissemination of Research’ by Prof Dr. Nelofer Halai from Institute for Educational Development, Aga Khan University , Karachi. LCWU

20.    June 2011. Grant Writing Proposals. The resource person is Dr. Summaira Riaz from University of California. LCWU

21.    Nov  2011. ‘Developing a Researcher’ School of Computer & IT, Beacon House National University and Research Center for Training & Development.

22.    March 2011. One Day workshop on ‘Thesis Writing: Structuring And Signposting’ by  Dr. Saima Sherazi, Queen Mary University of London. LCWU

23.    Dec 2009.  Six Months Course of Documentary Making, the MEDIA 180, Lahore.

24.    Nov 2009 One Day Pakistan- Indonesia Calligraphy and Batik Art Workshop, Alhamra Art Centre, Lahore.

25.    Nov 2009 One Day Pakistan-Iran collaboration Calligraphy Art Workshop, Alhamra Art Centre, Lahore.

26.    Jan 2011 One Day Gems & Jewelry Manufacturing Pakistan, course workshop, Design & Visual Arts Department, LCWU.

27.    Jan- July 2006.  Workshop of Calligraph-Art in Pakistan Calligraphy Artist Guild, Alhamra Cultural Complex Lahore.

28.    Dec 2005.‘Importance of Quality & Productivity for Printing Sector’ organized by National Productivity Organization, Government of Pakistan.

29.    Nov 2005. UNESCO & LCWU Workshop on Strengthening, Networking and Curricular development in the Gender Studies.

30.    Dec 2005. National Workshop ‘Sharing Experience of Teaching Women at Postgraduate Level in Pakistan’ organized by Institute of Women Studies, ASR Lahore.

31.    July 2004. UNESCO & LCWU Workshop on gender discrimination in text books of Punjab Text Book Board. Lahore.

Seminars & Conferences:

  • Faculty member.Sarah Umar from Graphic Design Department has participated in a conference “1st Harappa International Conference” arranged by COMSATS University in August 2015.
  • Sarah Umar from Graphic Design Department has attended a “National Conference on the Archeology & Cultural Heritage of Pakistan”. This conference was arranged by Peshawar University from 18th August, 2015 to 20th August, 2015.