Intermediate College



The main library of the College (Science and Arts) stocks many valuable books. There are numerous up to date magazines and publications as well as national newspapers which are received regularly in the library. Besides the main library there are seminar libraries as well in all the postgraduate departments.

In order to borrow books students are issued a library card. They can borrow these books for 14 days. Books are issued to different classes turn wise on different days of the week.  However  reference  books,  magazines  and newspapers cannot be issued or taken out of the library.

The students will be fined if they keep books for more than the fixed days. Roll Number for final exams will be issued only if the students bring clearance slip from the librarian.

Book Bank

There is a book bank maintained by the Social Work Department for deserving and needy students.

Medical Facilities

The College has a dispensary, a full time doctor and a nurse.

Transport Facilities

Students are directed to contact Mr. Shahid Hussain, Transport Officer to get their bus cards issued soon after their admission. Bus card is issued for two months and renewed after two months. The cards of defaulters will be cancelled and reissued on the payment of fine of Rs. 100/-Bus charges are not refundable. Students are expected to display appropriate behaviour while using transport facility.