Intermediate College


Lahore College for Women University, with a full-time enrollment of about 14,000 students and a teaching faculty of more than 500 members, is one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan. It admits students at the Intermediate, Graduate, Masters and Ph.D. levels.

Established in May 1922 as an Intermediate residential college, LCWU originally housed in a building on Hall Road, Lahore, with strength of 60 students (25 boarders) and 13 staff members. By 1950, the college strength had increased to 600 students and shifted to the present building, originally a school, on Jail Road. 

LCWU, by 1922, affiliated with the University of the Punjab with an Undergraduate Program in 18 subjects. Within the next two years, the institution had Graduate Programs in 14 subjects. Post-graduate classes in English, were initiated in 1940 and Honors classes in five subjects were introduced in 1949. B.Sc. classes started in 1955 while Post-graduate classes in the subjects of Economics and Physics started in 1966. By 1979, Islamic Studies, Political Science and Psychology were, also added to the ever-increasing list of disciplines. 

The year 1990, when administrative and financial autonomy was given to the institution, proved to be the turning point in the history of LCWU. On 13 August 1999, became a Degree-Awarding institution. The institution was elevated to the status of a Women University on 10 September 2002. 

At the time of autonomy, in 1990, there were Masters Classes in only six disciplines, but now with the University status, LCWU is offering degrees at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. There is a 4-year B.S. in 42 disciplines, 4 years B.S. professional degrees in Environmental Science, Home Economics, Sociology, BFA Textile Design, Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Interior Design, B.Com, Business Administration, Business Public Administration, BS-CS, B.E. in Electronics, and 5 years Pharm-D and Architecture. The University also offers MS degrees in 28 subjects. Besides this, the Ph.D. programs in 17 disciplines i.e. Chemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Computer Science, Mathematics, Education, Applied Psychology, Islamic Studies, Zoology, Environmental Science, Physics, Political Science, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and Fine Arts are running successfully. 

The 21st century has brought a drastic revolution in science, which has completely transformed the world. Today sciences are exploring areas that defy imagination. Keeping in line with the importance of the sciences in today’s world, LCWU has been fulfilling the demand of the female students in the area, as this was the only institution offering science subjects at undergraduate level. This is evident from the fact that majority of the female doctors serving and retired, have at some stage; F.Sc. or B.Sc. studied at Lahore College. Since 1922 the college has proved its worth as the highest seat of learning for science subjects. At present Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Electronics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, City and Regional Planning, Architecture and Pharmacy are taught at Graduate and MS Level in the Faculty of Science and Technology. 

LCWU is cognizant of the significance of Humanities and Social Sciences since they contribute to the aesthetic sense of human beings and are essential for the society. The Department of English, being 70 years old, is the oldest Post-graduate department of the University. Founded by Prof Ms. U.K. Sirajuddin, it is still rooted in the traditions of scholarship and academic excellence. Besides English, Urdu, Punjabi, Islamic Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Fine Arts, Pakistan Studies, Mass Communication, Gender and Development Studies are being offered at the BS and MS level. The graduates of LCWU take their place in moral, intellectual and professional leadership in all walks of national life. Among its alumni are an extra ordinary number of teachers, physicians and professionals in all fields of life. 

Since the establishment of LCWU as a University, the institution has strived for improvement in Higher Education. MoUs with various national industries and linkages with foreign universities have been established in the field of Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science, Fine Arts, Economics, Mass Communication, TESOL, Architecture, City and Regional Planning and Gender and Development Studies through the DFDI

The Intermediate College of Lahore College for Women University is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore for the purpose of curricula and examination. The Intermediate College has proved to be a very fruitful nursery in providing women force for professional education in the province.