Department of Political Science

COD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Political Science.

In the present age, when global economies, technology and communication skills dominate; it is very necessary to clearly ascertain the changing realities of the world.
The Department provides well-rounded education and allied activities for the Under Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D Programs. All These programs are designed in such a way which could enable our students to become a critical thinker and leaders and have a clear understanding of the multifarious factors such as ideological, political, social, cultural, religious and economic, so that they could become responsible citizens.
The faculty members have passionate commitment with the mission and vision of the department. To fulfill the aims and objectives of the department, they are fully supportive to their students in strengthening their ability to peruse their chosen carriers with distinction.

Dr. Aisha Shahzad
Chairperson of Political Science Department