Department of Political Science


Vision 2030

The vision of the department is given a new orientation in the age of digitization. It is presumed to equip our students with analytical skills based on causation and retrospection to meet the challenges of modern time. It is viewed to provide quality education in accordance with SDG-4 set by United Nations, profoundly to impart the best comprehension of enigmatic national and international politics. In this perspective the validity of knowledge along with holistic student-centric methodology based on hybrid learning would be incorporated depending upon the suitability of situation.

Mission 2030

The mission of the department is reviewed according to the new visionary approach. It is aimed to indoctrinate passion for knowledge, research and content writing among students to produce reliable researchers, teachers and communicators. They are supposed to deliver their best input in different walks of life while utilizing their interdisciplinary capabilities. Faculty promotes new techniques including webinars, focus-groups and symposiums to enhance their skills. Our BS, MS and Ph.D programs envisage continuing with the spirit of viability and sustainability in the field of knowledge. 

Core Values