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Year 2024

Year 2023

Talk Show

Political Science Department arranged a talk show on 14th August 2023 to participate in Independence Day celebrations. The program was hosted by Ms. Shanzay. Participants included Dr. Aisha and Dr. Sadia addressed the current political turmoil in Pakistan, causes, implications and comprehensive strategies to overcome emerging challenges.

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Talk Show

Talk show was conducted on 23rd March 2023 on web TV LCWU. It was hosted by Ms. Javaria. Dr. Aisha and Dr. Sadia explained the parameters of national integration with respect to Pakistan Day. This program was aimed to convey a message to the viewers for having comprehension about the issues of national integration and possible solutions.

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Extension Lecture

Department organized an extension lecture by dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad from Stockholm University in March 2023 for students and faculty. Dr. Ishtiaq expressed his views about leadership of Quaid-i-Azam, civil-military relations in Pakistan and different political discourses addressing various socio-economic and political issues. 

Defense Day 2022 

Department of Political Science organized a program on Defense Day 6th September 2022. Dr. Aisha Shahzad, in-charge Department of Political Science discussed the significance of institutional defense and Dr. Sadia Falki highlighted the importance of societal defense. The show was moderated by Miss. Javaria Sehar from the platform of Web TV, LCWU.

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Independence Day 2022

Department of Political Science organized a talk show to highlight the importance of education to attain the real spirit of independence on the event of Independence Day 14th August 2022. Dr. Aisha Shahzad emphasized the problems of education system and Dr. Sadia Mahmood Falki suggested policy proposals to bring the education system of Pakistan in line with the needs of today's global world. Miss. Javeria Sehar moderated the show on Web TV, LCWU. 

Takbeer Day 2022

Department of Political Science organized a talk show on Web TV, LCWU to celebrate Takbeer Day. Speakers including Dr. Aisha Shahzad, in-charge (Department of Political Science) and Dr. Sadia Falki, Assistant Professor; Department of Political Science shared their views to commemorate Takbeer Day 28th May 2022. It is the only tangible feature of this nation that is assumed as a challenge to undisputed hegemony of few global actors. Our nuclear scientists and armed forces endeavored to establish sovereignty of this state while having right trajectory. Now it’s the responsibility of all representative and non-representative institutions to safeguard ideological and constitutional foundations of Pakistan. The show was moderated by Miss. Javaria Sehar.

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Talk Show between Students and Faculty

Talk Show between Students and Faculty was conducted by Political Science Department from the platform of Web TV LCWU on 5th February 2022 to impart knowledge to the students regarding emerging developments in Indian Held Kashmir, Muslim Genocide in India and the perspective of National Security Policy of Pakistan. The participants expressed their views and showed solidarity with Kashmiri people.

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16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

December 2021: The Department of Political Science organized a seminar with joint collaboration to celebrate ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence’. The program was also aligned with SDG 16.The department invited a community welfare organization ‘MILKAR’ to design a policy input to develop strategies regarding awareness about violence against women. Two distinguished speakers participated on the behalf of MILKAR. The first speaker, a renowned journalist and anchorperson Ajmal Jami shared figures related to gender based violence during pandemic. He opined that media should play an active role to spread awareness in society to control gender based discrimination. The second panelist, a famous motivational speaker, Seemal Bilal discussed the importance of empowerment of women in society. She motivated the students to show courage and bravery while facing hardships of life. MILKAR also distributed souvenirs among panelists and students.

Seminar on The Role of Academia in National Integration

October 2021: Department of Political Science organized a seminar on “The Role of Academia in National Integration”. The guest speakers including Dr. Shoaib, Head of Political Science Department UMT and Dr. Ijaz Butt Principal Township College shared their valuable and thought-provoking comments with respect to highlight the contribution of academia for the promotion of national integration. During question answer session students participated and interacted with the distinguished guests.

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Webinar on 14th of August 2021 to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan

The department of Political Science LCWU organized a webinar on 14th of August 2021 to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan. It was conducted by the faculty and students in co-ordination and following were the speakers invited to speak:

  • Dr. Aisha Shahzad (In-charge Pol. Science Dept.)
  • Dr. Sadia M. Falki (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Pol. Science)
  • Dr. Maryam Azam (Asst. Professor, Dept. of International Relations)
  • Dr. Saima Butt (Ass. Professor, Dept. of Pol. Science)
  • Ms. Sadia Ashraf Rana (Lecturer, Dept. of Pol. Science)

The webinar focused on the struggles, strategies and sacrifices of our leaders, who fought 7 decades ago for the Independence of Pakistan. It is critical that we look back in time and recall all the events that led to the formation of Pakistan as a separate state under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our first speaker Dr. Aisha Shahzad explained comprehensively how All India Muslim League (AIML) as a representative party of Muslims played a vital role during the Pakistan Movement to achieve various goals such as separate electorates and articulation of Political demands. She described the strategies and goals of AIML during the Pakistan movement.

Our second speaker Dr. Sadia M. Falki highlighted that to secure political and constitutional rights for Muslim majority provinces in particular and Muslim community in general, the demands of provincial autonomy were always considered an important mechanism. She asserted that the political and constitutional struggle even long before Lahore Resolution was much characterized by the notion of provincial autonomy and a political system based on Federalism in United India. Demands of provincial autonomy by Muslim political elite led to highlight the religious identity of Muslims to claim their rights over the diverse multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic Muslim majority areas in India.

Our third speaker Dr. Maryam Azam highlighted the challenges Pakistan had to face as a state and the potential of Pakistan as state in long term. She also highlighted the major power centres in Pakistan since Independence. Our fourth and fifth speakers Dr. Saima Butt and Ms. Sadia Rana highlighted general aspects of Independence and Ms. Rana briefed the importance of Independence and duties of different sections and people in the society. Lastly Dr. Saima Butt explained the significance of independence and reminded our viewers and listeners of all the challenges and sacrifices which our leaders faced. On ending note, an In-charge of the department directed a message to civilians mainly our student body to keep up their efforts for Pakistan. 

Webinar on “Hindu Nationalism” in commemoration for 100 year celebration of Lahore College for Women University 

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Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Religious Equality 

Political Science Dept LCWU conducted a series of lectures on the topic of Ethnicity ,Multiculturalism and Religious equality on 11th Jan and 12 Jan 2018. In this connection department invited the distinguished guest Prof Dr. Tariq Modood from Bristol University U.K. He shared thought-provoking  propositions with the students and the teachers. His research comprised the descriptive traits and religious dynamics of Muslim community in British society.

Department of Pakistan-Studies/Political Science/IR celebrated 23rd March 1940 Pakistan Day

The department of Pakistan-Studies/Political Science/IR celebrated 23rd March 1940 Pakistan Day on 22nd March 2016 at Student service center under the supervision of Chairperson Prof. Mobina Ali. Organizer of this program was Ms Raheela Shafique and coordinators were Mrs. Bushra Zeeshan, Mrs Shakeela Hashmi and Mrs Nadira Shafi, Hamna Khan, Sana Asif and Sumera Zafar. The Chief guest was Prof. Zumurad Safdar (Advisor of Art and Culture) from Department of Fine Arts This function was attended by the students and teachers of various departments of the university.  This function was consisted on four major competitions: Quiz, National songs essay writing and poster making. The quiz competition won by Department of IR and runners up were Department of Pakistan-Studies. In the National song competition, judges were Dr. Humaira Irshad, Head of Urdu Department and Dr. Taqdees Zahara Department of Urdu and Anum Shahzad (Department of English) got first prize and Yusra (Department of IR) got second position, and third position Maira Aziz (Department of Urdu) and Muqaddas Afzal (Pakistan-Studies). In the Essay writing competition, judges were Dr. Qamar Fatima, Samia Shahid (Department of Pakistan-Studies) got first prize and Eiza Naeem (Department of Pakistan-Studies) got second position, and third position Munazza Batool (Department of Political Science) and Muqaddas Afzal. In poster competition judges were Dr. Masooma and Prof. Zumurad Safdar from Department of Fine Arts Mahnoor Munir got first position and Samia Farooq got second position and Maryam Ayaz got third position. At the end of the function the student of Pakistan-Studies presented a beautiful tablo.

Kashmir Day

Department of Pol.Sci/ I.R/Pakistan Studies has arranged a program regarding “Kashmir Day” on February 4, 2016 in Lecture Theater of Maa Com. Department.

The Program In charge was Head of the Department of Pol.Sci /Pak.Studies /I.R Mrs Mobina Ali and organizer was Miss Raheela Shafique. The program was attended by the Students and the teachers of Pol.Sci /Pak.Studies/I.R and Mass Com.
The Program was continued on following pattern:

  • Recitation of Holy Quran was presented by Aliya Arif (Student of BS 1Pak.Studies)
  • Naat was presented by Miss Nuzhat
  • A Documentary was presented
  • An introductory speech was made by Minhal Arif (Student of BS 1Pak.Studies)
  • A Kashmir Song was presented
  • Speech on “Human Right Violation” was made by Miss Maryam Azam
  • A Kashmir Song was presented
  • A concluding speech was made by Dr. Qamar Fatima
  • Poster Making Competition was conducted and Winner was Anisa Daud  (Student of BS 1Pak.Studies)
  • A Kashmir Song was presented at the end of program.

Two Days Program to Pay Tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar

On 15th and 17th December 2015, the department of Political Science/Int-Relations/Pak.Studies arranged a program to pay tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar. On 15th Dec’15, a Peace Walk was organized in which students and staff from different disciplines participated.
Students were carrying different holdings and placards to show their commitment to eradicate terrorism and its impact from the state of Pakistan, consequently from the world community as well.Prof Dr Uzma Quershi (Acting VC), Directors, Deans and Head of Departments from various Department also joined the walk.
Children of Elementary School of LCWU also took part in Peace Walk. Peace walk started from PG Block I and ended at in front of Bushra Mateen Building., where students recited National Anthem and Songs. This walk was organized by Ms Saima Butt and Ms Nadia Zaheer.

Day II 17th Dec’15: In continuation of activities in paying tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar, a ceremony was arranged at Student Service Center LCWU. Dr Prof Bushra Mateen was the guest of honor. Deans, Directors and Head of Departments from different Departments grace the occasion. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by the National Songs. Afterwards, a documentary prepared by the Department of Int-Relations, named Implications of Terrorism on Pakistan was played.
Then a Play prepared by the students of BS III Int-Relations was performed under the direction of Ms Maryam Azam, which was highly appreciated by the audience. Then the students from APS Lahore sung a song for their fellows of APS Peshawar. Later, the guest of honor shared her views. The ceremony ended with the Vote of Thanks by Prof Mobina Ali (Chairperson Dept of Pol.Sci/IR/Pak.St)

23rd March Celebrations

The Department of Political Science/International Relations/Pak.Studies in collaboration with the History department and Directorate of Student Affairs arranged a function regarding 23rd March celebrations on 30th March 2015. Justice (R) Nasira Javed was the Chief Guest. The program comprised of different events. Mrs Mobina Ali and Dr Zahida highlighted the importance of Two-Nation theory.
Documentaries were showed regarding life of Quaid-e-e Azam and Facts of Pakistan. An inter Departmental Quiz program was also conducted which was won by the students of BS International Relations. The program was coordinated by Miss Nadia Zaheer of International Relations department.

Issues of Baluchistan

The Department of Political Science organized a lecture on the topic" Issues of Baluchistan" on 16th Jan 2014. The Guest speaker was Kalimullah Baraich, Assistant Prof, from the University of Baluchistan.

He highlighted the issues and problems of Baluchistan like Tribal features nationalist sentiments, provincial autonomy, economic deprivation and center provincial relation. at the end, a beneficial and academic discussion was made between the speaker and faculty members and students of Pol.Sci/IR/Pak.St to find out the solutions of this issue.

The Head of Department, LCWU Mrs Mobina Ali presented a souvenir and bouquet to the guest speaker. 

Quaid's Day Celebration

The Department of Political Science/Int-Relations/Pak.Studies celebrated Quaid-e-Azam day. Guest Speaker Prof. Dr Irum Khalid from Punjab University was invited. Dr Irum delivered a very comprehensive lecture on the role of leadership in Pakistan. She identified those factors where are responsible for the division of state and society. She highlighted that we as a nation are supposed to follow golden verses of Quaid-e-Azam in letter and spirit to avoid profligacy and consumerism. We should try to prop up our genuine values and norms through our educational system.

The students of BS IV International Relations showed a documentary on Quaid’s life. Acting VC and Dean of Social Science Dr. Ayesha Rohi also graced the event and shared her views. At the end the Chairperson of Pol.Sci dept Mrs Mobina Ali gave vote of thanks to the speaker and audience.