Department of Public Administration

Mission & Vision


To prepare students having a deep understanding of moral and political context of Public administration and to develop the insight and abilities that make them more effective and responsible actor in technical expertise and interpersonal skills that are important in bringing about change in public organizations.


Our mission is to provide professional and relevant education to women who aim to craft responsibilities in public sector management and service organizations through effective leadership and management of organizations.

Mission of BS Program

This 4 years degree program of Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) offers a wide variety of courses designed to meet the needs of students intending to adopt career in Public organizations in the field of Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and related professions. A degree in Public Administration opens a pathway to work in Federal, Provincial, and Local governments. However, its scope is not restricted to the public sector only, as the degree holders can also pursue their careers in non-governmental and corporate sector as well.