Department of Public Administration

Recommended Books

1.    Stephen P. Robbins & Mary coutler, Management, International edition.

2.    Public Administration: An action orientation By Robert B.Denhardt ,4th edition.

3.    Public administration (understanding, management, politics and law in the public sector) by David H.,Robert S. Kravchuk et al. 7th Edition.

4.    The Policy making Process by Thomas R.Dye.

5.    Rosenbloom,David H. and Kravchuk,Robert S.(2005).Public Administartion:Understanding management ,politics and law in the public sector,7th edition.

6.    Public Policy:Art and craft of policy analysis by R.K.Sapru,2nd edition

7.    Public Finance: A contemporary application from Theory to Practice by David N. Hyman, Latest edition, Cengage Learning

8.    Public Finance by Harvey S. Rosen, Latest edition, McGraw hill.

9.    Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (official version)

10.    Constitutional Development in Pakistan, Chaudhary, G. W.

11.    Government and Administration in Pakistan by Jameel ur Rehman Khan

12.    Ethics in Public Management by Frederickson, H.George and Ghere,Richard K.

13.    Strategic Human Resource Management by Alan Nankervis.

14.    Strategic Human Resource Management by Michael Armstrong, 2nd edition.

15.    G.M Meier Leading “Issues in Economic Development”  (Latest edition)