STEM Education Department


In line with the trends and standards of research and evaluation in the world and accreditation ranking of HEC, the University deserves a well-established, functional, multidimensional and efficient department of Research and Evaluation on the following grounds:

Research and Advocacy

  1. Promotion of research and program evaluation at LCWU for quality education and continuous improvement of further policies.

  2. Equipment of faculty members of the University with latest trends and techniques of research and evaluation through short term workshops of professional development.

  3. Provide evidence base to support strategic policy and service planning developed through research, evaluation and data analysis.

  4. To help in conducting studies to support administrative decision making and planning at the university and other organizations.

  5. Development of evaluation sections for grant proposals.

  6. Inform activities, practices, & resource allocation.

  7. Provide information for stakeholders or funding agencies.