STEM Education Department

Consultancy and Project Evaluation

Conduct, coordinate, and manage annual and ad hoc research projects.

  1. Assess the degree to which courses, curricula, and academic programs enhance the intellectual integrity of education and improve institutional effectiveness.
  2. Consult with academic units and implement strategies to measure student learning at the program level. Strategies will include the identification of learning outcomes, the means for measuring student learning on those outcomes, and follow-up activities to review and act on assessment data to improve student learning.
  3. Dissemination of promising practices to provide policymakers and practitioners with the reliable data necessary to support innovation and improved practice.
  4. Provide a research and service facility which will focus primarily on assessing and improving the effectiveness of the university's academic programs.
  5. Feasibility studies to guide decisions making for implementing new strategies or strengthen existing initiatives.
  6. Determine outcomes & impact