Department of Botany

Dr. Shabnum Shaheen

Dr. Shabnum Shaheen
Dr. Shabnum Shaheen

Associate Professor (Tenured)
Department of Botany
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  • Teaching Experience:

    Assistant Professor (IPFP): Oct-2010-Oct-2011 Assistant Professor (TTS): Oct 2011-Nov 2019 Associate Professor (Tenured): Nov 2019-Till yet

    Research Experience:

    Research Associate (QAU, Islamabad): 2002-2010 As Teacher and Researcher in LCWU: Oct 2010-Till Yet


  1. Academic member of Athens Institute for Education and Research
  2. Editorial Board member of World academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
  3. Editorial board member of International journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  4. Active organizing member in floral art competitions held annually in LCWU, Lahore by Botany
  5. Organizing member in establishing Botanic Garden of LCWU,
  6. Organizing member of Herbarium, Department of Botany,
  7. Member review committee of Willey Online Library (Microscopic research and techniques Journal, Food Processing and Preservation journal).
  8. Member review committee of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  9. Member review committee of Bioresources and Bioprocessing
  10. Member review committee of Premier
  11. Member review committee of African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  12. Member review committee of Medicinal Plant Research
  13. Member review committee of African journal of Microbial research
  14. Member review committee of Elsevier journals (Journal of Herbal Medicine , Acta Ecologica Sinica).
  15. Organizing member in a seminar on Forests: Nature’s Powerhouses, 2017.
  16. Member international Scientific Committee in ICFM 2018 : 20th International Conference on Forest Management held by World Academy of Science and Technology (Boston, USA).
  17. Organizing member in an International conference on smart plantation held by Botany department LCWU, Lahore in March
  18. Organizing member in two days training workshop on Georeferencing of Plant occurrence data from Pakistan held by Herbarium of Pakistan (Islamabad) and QAU, Islamabad in March
  19. Active member in three days workshop on Sanger Sequencing held by Department of Botany and DFDI department, LCWU, Lahore in Oct 2021.

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Courses Taught

Medicinal plants of Pakistan
Project planning and monitoring Recent trends in Ethnobotany
Plant Systematics and economic botany Research Methodology Paleopalynology
Seed Biology Ethnobotany
Research Readin (I and II)
Molecular advances in phytosystematics

Brief Statement of Research Interest

Plant Systematics, Ethnobotany, Chemotaxonomy, Medicinal plants, Wild edible plants, Adulteration in herbal drugs, Biodiversity and conservation,
Phytochemical analysis, Neutraceutical evaluation.          


Publications to date
  • International and National Books: 10
  • Book Chapters: 02
  • Publications in research articles : 107
  • Abstracts & Proceedings: 33
Total : 152
Impact Factor Articles:
  1. Abdul Rasheed, Muhammad Sajjad, Muhammad Ali, Bilal Rasool, Muhammad Arshad Javiad,Shabnum Shaheen, Alia Awar, Sami Ullah, Muhammad Shafiq Ahmed, Urooj Mubashar Research Square Preprints, Genome Wide Association Mapping of Yield And Various Desirable Agronomic Traits In Rice,                      1- 19, 2022.
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    Other National and International Publications

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A monograph on tribe Paniceae from Pakistan

Research Grants & Contracts

Systematic and ethnopharmacognostic studies of some selected medicinal plants from Pakistan

Research or Creative Accomplishment

  • Postdoctoral fellowship (2016)
  • Won Gold Medal award in an international conference of Botany held by Pakistan Botanical Society in 2012.
  • Honored as a member international Scientific Committee from Pakistan in ICNMPH 2018 : 20th International Conference on Naturopathy, Medicinal Plants and Herbs held by World Academy of Science and Technology (Boston, USA).
  • Honored as a member international Scientific Committee from Pakistan in ICSMMP 2018 : 20th International Conference on Sustainable Medicine and Medicinal Plants held by World Academy of Science and Technology (Boston, USA).
  • Honored as a member of BOS in Plant Sciences department QAU, Islamabad for the period of three
  • Honored as a member of BOS in Botany department Kinnaird College Lahore for the period of three
  • Honored as an invited speaker in a Seminar titled “Herbarium Techniques” by Botanical Society Government College of Science, Lahore, Pakistan in 2016.
  • Honored as an invited speaker in a one day Seminar on “Kitchen Gardening” by Botanical Gardening Committee QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan in 2016.
  • Honored as an invited speaker in6th Edition of International Conference on Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants Theme: Medicinal Plants: Modifying Contrast in Health Care System by Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2018.
  • Honored as organizing member in a seminar on Forests: Nature’s Poweerhouses, 2017.
  • Included in World Scientists List by Ad Scientific Index-2021.
  • A new technique for epidermal leaf anatomy was developed by modifying the method of Cotton (1974) and Clark (1960), which is mentioned in the monograph by the method Shaheen et 2010. (Monograph available online).
  • Many new reports in the tribe Paniceae (Poace) were (Published in impact factor research articles).
  • First time introduced the technique of Elemental Dispersive spectrophotometer in the discipline of plant taxonomy for grass phytoliths in the leaf epidermis in Pakistan. (Published research article in impact factor journal on it).

Selected Professional Presentations

Oral / Poster presentations
  • Herbal plants of family Solanaceae: Exploration of Medicinal Wealth of Pakistan in International science and technology conference ISTEC 2012,
  • Systematic identification of genus Brachiaria on the basis of vegetative and floral morpho- palynological markers (LM & SEM) in 12th National and 3rd International Conference of Botany, Islamabad, Pakistan in
  • Wild vegetables, an alternative source of food in 1st International Conference on Energy Systems for Sustainable Development, Pakistan
  • Microbial examination of mould and yeast in fruit juices in International conference on Major Environmental Constraints to Plants: Assessments and Reclamations, Pakistan in 2016.
  • Diversity analysis of Filamentous Fungi associated with ornamental plants found in Jallo park, Lahore in 2017.
  • Optimization of cultural conditions and oil content estimation of Hydrodictyon reticulatum in 1st International conference on current scenario of research in plant sciences Challenges and Oppertunities in 2018.
  • Phytochemical and neutraceutical evaluation OF Lemna minor L in 1st International Conference on “Agricultural And Biological Sciences” Focusing Food Security and Climate Change in 2019.
  • Extraction of natural dye from Mangifera indica in 1st International conference on emerging trends in interdisciplinary research in Biomedical Sciences in 2020.
  • Neutraceutical and antioxidant estimation of Amaranthus viridis in Fourth International Conference on Biosciences (ICBS 2021)
  • Biological Society of Pakistan and Department of Plant Sciences, QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan in Seasonal variation in antibacterial potential of different parts of Achyranthes aspera Against plant pathogenic bacteria in 5th International /10th National Conference of Pakistan. Phytopathological society, Crop protection for sustainable Agriculture, Pakistan ,University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan in 2015.

Workshops / Conferences/Seminar/Cou rses Organized/Attended

To commemorate the historic occasion of Commissioning of Pakistan’s first ever Wind power plant at Jhimper Sindh” by Alternative Energy Development Board, Ministry of Wapda and Power in 2009.

  • Young researchers skills development by NAYS and LCWU, Lahore, Pakistan in
  • Active organizing member in Floral Art Competition, 2014 by Botanical society and department of Botany, LCWU,
  • Active organizing member in 3rd floral Art competition, 2015 by Botanical society and department of Botany, LCWU,
  • Active organizing member in 5th Annual floral Art competition, 2017 by Botanical society and department of Botany, LCWU,
  • Organizer in establishing Botanic Garden of LCWU, Lahore in 2017.
  • Organizing member in a seminar on Forests: Nature’s Poweerhouses, Department of Foresty, of Punjab & LCWU, Lahore, Pakistan in 2017.
  • Active organizing member in 6th Annual floral Art competition, 2017.
  • Member international Scientific Committee in ICFM 2018 : 20th International Conference on Forest Management by World Academy of Science and Technology (Boston, USA) in
  • Active Co-Organizer in International conference on smart plantation in 2020.
  • Active organizing member in Two days training workshop on Georeferencing of Plant occurrence data from Pakistan in 2020.