Department of Statistics

COD's Message

The subject of statistics is fast developing with the emergence of data science and analytics. Students at this university are taught the subject with model curriculum of studies of BS (4 year) and MS, with the vision of adequately developing their problem solving skills. As an interdisciplinary subject, it has enormous application in all physical and social sciences, as such it is being taught as a minor as well as compulsory subject in various disciplines of both social and natural sciences.  The Statistics Department is well established with dedicated, competent and highly regarded faculty. The study of subject is career oriented and crucial to planning of social development. The courses offered at statistics department are aimed at producing highly educated and motivated researchers. Students are encouraged to work on real life projects as well as develop new mathematical models. The statistics department of LCWU is endeavoring to create an environment whereby it would not only be promoting women empowerment but at the same time promote research culture among the female students.  The department has well equipped computer lab which serves the students easy access to research journals and study material for powerful insight of the subject, as also to enhance knowledge of development in many areas of the subject. Seminars are conducted and workshops held regularly as learning platforms for students to improve skills and knowledge in projected fields.

Dr. Asifa Kamal

Department of Statistics
Lahore College for Women University