Department of Statistics

Statistical Society


The statistical society of LCWU, Lahore was founded in early 1990s to promote research and education in statistics and to develop an understanding of its methods and applications. The society also aimed at inculcating awareness on the importance of Statistics among the students and researchers linked to both the social and physical sciences. The society provides a forum for exchange of ideas among statisticians. By its sustained activities, the society is endeavoring to bring about the use of statistical thinking and correct interpretation of statistical outcomes.

Statistics was introduced as a subject in 1962 in LCW, while the statistical society came into being in early1990’s and over the years the interest in the subject increased significantly and with that number of students grew manifolds from intermediate to post graduate levels. Since its inception the society has been promoting activities beneficial to the students in their academics and application of theory to resolve statistical problems. Further, the society has been holding quiz and poster competitions as also arranging lectures of eminent statisticians from time to time.

Aims and Objectives
1.    To provide necessary exposure of new developments in Statistics to the benefit of the students. 
2.    To promote Statistics and its applications in the broadest manner.
3.    To hold activities aiming at public awareness and promoting statistical thinking in order to instill importance of its application in both natural and social sciences.
4.    To provide a forum for exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners of statistics.
5.    To create awareness among students regarding the latest developments taking place in the field of education.

To achieve its objectives, the Statistical society periodically holds seminars and lectures of renowned persons related to the subject. It also arranges debates, group discussions and quiz and poster competitions between the students and teaching faculty in order to keep abreast with modern statistical techniques. 

The Team

Students are the main strength of Statistical society. The team includes:
Dr. Asifa Kamal
(Chairperson of the Department.)

Faculty members: Dr. Sehar Saleem, Ms. Sidra Sajjad 

Four students are selected each year from each class of the department. The president is selected from the final year and secretary from the third year of BS program.