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LISA 2020 Network

The Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) of “University of Colorado Boulder (UCB), USA”, under the dynamic leadership of its Director Dr. Eric Vance (Associate Professor Statistics), aims to build capacity of Statistics and data science in developing countries by creating a robust network of laboratories of collaboration called as “stat labs”. These stat labs can perform liked Engines for development by training the next generation of collaborative statisticians and data scientists through short courses and workshops to improve statistical skills and data literacy widely and ultimately serving as infrastructure to support local researchers, businesses, government, and NGOs. The LISA 2020 Program encourages new stat labs to create a strong foundation for their operations by building on their Planning Guide and by adapting best practices learned from other stat labs in the network.
In this context, LISA selected Dr. Asifa Kamal from Department of Statistics Lahore College for Women, University, Lahore)to attend LISA Symposium 2019, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim of Symposium was to train and create network for collaborative Statistical Laboratories. Lahore College for Women University has attained an opportunity to become a part of thirty partners through Dr. Asifa Kamal (member of LISA network). Other LISA partners have since been identified and selected from China, Brazil, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal etc. There are bright prospects that it will really impact the University’s ranking by projecting the faculty of LCWU positively in the international research community. The LISA program is well recognized and appreciated by the research community in the United States, therefore, it will be advantageous for the university to create a statistical lab following the LISA model, which will replicate the activities of LISA at LCWU.
Statistics is recognized as a subject to solve real world problems in the research maneuver and every statistician is contacted every now and then by professionals from other areas to analyze and interpret their data. This necessitates establishing a consultancy center for those who need services from statisticians for sound and reliable data analysis. In international scenario many universities has their statistical consultancy centers. There are also online private commercial based international consultancy agencies for the provision of their services.
The need of statistical consultancy is highly associated with research activities. With flourishing research culture in Pakistan there is a significant increase in the number of PhDs awarded out of Pakistani universities. As Statistical data analysis is part and partial of every quantitative research, Statistical consultancy centers are ineluctable need of the time. . 
LISA-LCWU is established under the umbrella of Department of Statistics, LCWU. In May 2020, department became full member of LISA 2020 network of labs.
The program trains statisticians and supports them to apply statistics to solve real-world problems and provide research facilities to help researchers, government officials, medical personnel and local industries to apply statistical methods to solve problems and make data driven decisions. It also focuses on conducting short courses and workshops to improve statistical capacity and literacy.
It aims to extend its collaboration to solve real world problems and help analyze, interpret data of professionals from other areas. In Pakistan, with flourishing research culture, there is a significant increase in the number of Ph.D.’s  in different disciplines. As a result, this has amplified the demand for statistical consultation. LISA-LCWU is established to cater that demand of researchers within and outside the university.
It also unlocks the collaborative potential of technically trained masters and bachelor students, who in turn will unravel the research potential of their fellows and teach other statisticians to do the same. 

The mission of the LISA-LCWU Stat Lab is:

  • To produce trained statisticians capable to serve as interdisciplinary collaborators for quantitative research.
  • Engage other disciplines to improve statistical knowledge and computing skills.

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LISA Events

  • Coordinator:  Dr. Asifa Kamal
  • Assistant Coordinators: Ms Asma Zeb, Ms Shahana Khan
  • LISA Alumni: Ms. Adan Kamran, Ms. Sadaf Malik, Ms. Aqsa Rafiq
  • LISA Internees: Ms Abeera Shakeel, Ms Faiza Afzaal, Ms. Jiya Amir
  • Students of  MS Statistics: Nimra Karim, Uzma Yaqoob
  • Students of BS Statistics: Afrah Hafeez, Roshanay Waseem, Ayesha Waseem, Aliza Malik, Kinza, Urooj Khan.