Student Affairs


Scholarship Office

Specified scholarships by the Board, Government, HEC and Red Crescent are awarded on merit. The university has reserved a substantial sum of money to be disbursed as need based scholarships to the financially constrained student


LCWU has always maintained a high standard in every field of sports activities. At the Inter Collegiate level LCWU has the honor to maintain its All Round Best College General Trophy from the last 25 years. At the University level, LCWU has been declared the 2nd Best University in sports among all the universities of Pakistan. Students are always encouraged to participate in sports activities to keep themselves healthy and fit.

The Student Societies

Lahore College for Women University has always initiated and encouraged co-curricular activities for the grooming and overall personality growth of its students. These activities are organized by the various student-led societies associated with different departments. Each society has a President and a General Secretary with a team of students assisting them under the supervision of a departmental advisor. In addition to the societies, there are three editorial boards (English, Urdu and Punjabi) of the University magazine “Kiran” having a student editor and subeditor. There are about 44 student societies in LCWU.


Accommodation has always been an acute problem for the students who come from outside Lahore especially for girls. Lahore College for Women University has the distinction of housing 526 students. It has three hostels; Habiba Hall, Jaffery Hall and Bushra Mateen Hall.

Student Counseling and Guidance Centre

There is a Student Counseling and Guidance Centre where a Clinical Psychologist is available to listen to and guide students regarding their psychological problems, educational problems, adjustment issues, decision making crisis, confidence and self esteem issues.
 The Student Counseling and Guidance Centre is carrying out 140 – 150 individual counseling sessions per year.

Medical Facilities

The University takes full care of the physical and mental health of its students. A lady doctor and her para-medical staff are available in the Clinic located near Jaffery Hall. Following medical services are provided:

1.    Medical Consultation
2.    Selective Oral Medications
3.    First Aid Services
4.    Selective Injections for Hostel Students
5.    Nebulization

A fully equipped ambulance with driver is available 24 hours
Emergency and serious cases are forwarded to Services Hospital for treatment and hospitalization.
The Health Care Centre provides medical facilities to 40 – 70 students daily.

Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement

The mission of the Centre of Career Counseling and Job Placement is to encourage and assist women in their efforts to succeed in the workplace. The Centre offers comprehensive vocational assessment, training, job placement assistance and retention services to ensure successful transition from University to workplace.

Independent Living Centre

The LCWU Disabled Students Support Committee under the guidance of Dr. Sabiha Mansoor has established an Independent Living Centre for the physically and visually challenged students. LCWU has embarked on the mission to make them fully functioning, productive and independent members of the society.

The policy of LCWU focuses on the rights of all students to take part in their development process with freedom from abuse, neglect and violations of special persons’ rights. For this purpose, LCWU adopts three prong strategy that stresses on:
•    Physical Development
•    Human Development
•    Social Development

The Independent Living Centre (ILC) at LCWU will be a role model in educational institutions (specially for women institutions) as a model of participatory approach for independent living, education, access to public areas and barriers free living environment as envisioned by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor in her address during the seminar organized by Milestone Society of Special Persons and Environmental Science Department on 28th July, 2011 at LCWU.

Provision of Pick & Drop Service to Physically Challenged Students

In LCWU, for persons with physical disabilities, accessibility and safety are primary concerns. LCWU provides pick and drop service by its Independent Living Centre. Within the campus, access to buildings, classrooms, washrooms, corridors and other physical infrastructure at campus with the participation of the target community is one of the major objectives of the proposed IL Centre. Progress is being made with the coordination of the Engineering Cell, LCWU.

The building corridors, curb cuts and ramps are being constructed in order to provide maximum barrier free movement for the wheelchair users.