Career Guidance and Counseling Centre


Personal Counselling

The personal counseling and guidance services are available for students and faculty. The following issues can be discussed for personal growth and skill enhancement:
•    Familial issues and relationship problems
•    Conflict with peers and friends
•    Lack of assertiveness
•    Lack of confidence 
•    Adjustment problem with roommates in hostels
•    Career selection
•    Time management
•    Stress management
•    Problems in English language communication 
•    Concentration problem

Career/Vocational Guidance

•     Students are informed about educational programs, professional career plans, and employment and job opportunities.
•    Students are guided about ways of accessing information about work opportunities in various career fields.
•    Students are helped in career planning and in conflict resolution with reference to choice of professional programs or career paths.

Individual Counselling

During the period from July 2018 to June 2019the Centre provided counselling services along with organizing different growth groups, seminars and workshops for university students. Thewalk-in-sessions for mental health and career counselling were conducted for individuals in need (faculty and students). Following problem areas were reported by clients accessing counseling services:
•    Lack of Confidence and low self-esteem
•    Difficulty managing stress and depression due to number of issues including Family and relationship problems etc.
•    Lack of time management skills
•    Difficulty in college and hostel life adjustment
•    Anxiety
•    Exams stress and anxiety
•    Anger management issues
•    Lack of assertiveness
•    Career decision making
•    Issues related to Problem solving
•    Problems in developing positive study habits

Group Counseling:

Group sessions regarding study skills, confidence building, and, anger management are conducted for the students. Students are taught relevant skills and activities.

Psychological Assessment Sessions

Assessment sessions are conducted with self-referring students. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule is used for Personality assessment. OTIS quick scoring intelligence test was used for IQ assessment. Counseling is provided on the basis of results.