Career Guidance and Counseling Centre


Q 1: I do not want to disclose my problem with any one and also feel that my friends will see me by taking psychological assistance, please help me in such regard?


Answer: Dear, there is no one in this world who does not have problems in life. It’s only the matter of severity and intensity that differs. Do not wait for the time when problems control you. You can share your problems with psychologists in the Centre who are there to help you out. Feel free to visit Counseling Centre.


Q 2: I am hesitant to share my personal information with psychologists. I am afraid what will my friends and teachers think when they will come to know about my personal issues?


Answer: Dear client, we do not disclose personal information of our clients to anyone. Privacy and confidentiality of information shared by clients is maintained.


Q 3: I have problem in giving presentation in the class room, how can I overcome it?
Answer: There are lots of confidence building exercises, and anxiety management skills. You can visit Counseling Centre for ‘individual counseling’ and can get written materials on techniques regarding confidence building.