LCWU as Licensed PEB

Inroduction to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential aspect of professional growth and development for engineers. It refers to the ongoing learning and development activities that engineers undertake to maintain and enhance their professional competence. CPD activities for engineers can take various forms, including attending technical seminars and workshops, participating in webinars, reading professional publications, taking online courses, pursuing advanced degrees, and engaging in research and development projects. These activities help engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and industry trends, improving their skills and knowledge, and enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality work.
Overall, CPD is a critical aspect of an engineer's professional journey and helps them to stay competitive, relevant, and competent in their field. It provides opportunities for engineers to learn, grow, and advance their careers, benefiting both their personal and professional development.

Importance of CPD for an Engineer

Engineers (both PEs and REs) are expected to learn innovative and soft skills as part of the CPD framework in order to play a more useful role in the development of the country. It also lays out the conditions for upgrading from Registered Engineer (RE) to Professional Engineer (PE), then to International Professional Engineer (PE), as well as for renewing PEC registration. To assist the engineers, PEC is consequently employing a variety of strategies and choices while utilizing cutting-edge IT and communication capabilities. Specialized job-oriented and international certification courses are being provided under the New Vision of CPD to improve employability and on-the-job performance. Webinars, online classes, and video conferencing capabilities have all been incorporated for greater reach and distant outreach. To assist engineers in meeting the CPD requirements, PEC often organizes short courses, pieces of training, and seminars both directly and through its recognized Professional Engineering Bodies. Subject to sufficient documentation and verification, CPD activities offered by reputable and chartered Institutions/Organizations are also allowed.

LCWU as Professional Engineering Body (PEB)

CPD activities may be taught by professional organizations, CPD academies, engineering universities or colleges, and private institutions that have been registered with the Council. All of these organizations will be referred to as Professional Engineering Bodies (PEBs). The professional development activities are managed by the Engineering Professional Development Committee (EPDC) of PEC in accordance with the Council's established standards and directives.

Objectives of LCWU as a Licensed PEB

The objectives of LCWU as a licensed PEB conducting continuous professional development (CPD) activities in Pakistan are as follows:
  • Enhancing Professional Competence: One of the primary objectives of conducting CPD activities is to enhance the professional competence of engineers. By providing relevant training, workshops, seminars, and other development opportunities, LCWU can help engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. This can help them to improve their skills, knowledge, and abilities, and ultimately deliver better results in their work.
  • Encouraging Lifelong Learning: CPD activities can also help to encourage lifelong learning among engineers. By offering ongoing development opportunities, LCWU can promote a culture of continuous learning and growth, which can benefit both individual engineers and the broader engineering community. 
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), require engineers to complete a certain number of CPD hours annually to maintain their professional licenses. Offering CPD activities LCWU can help engineers meet these requirements and ensure they remain in good standing with the regulatory body.
  • Fostering Professional Networking: CPD activities can provide opportunities for engineers to connect with other professionals in their field, which can help to foster professional networking and collaboration. By bringing together engineers from different backgrounds and industries, LCWU can help to facilitate knowledge-sharing and idea exchange.
  • Enhancing the Institution's Reputation: Finally, offering CPD activities can help to enhance the reputation of LCWU. By providing high-quality, relevant, and useful training opportunities, the institution can demonstrate its commitment to professional development and excellence, which can help to attract new students and retain existing ones.
LCWU has been approved and registered as a Professional Engineering Body (PEB) by Pakistan Engineering Council to conduct CPD activities.

Please CLICK HERE to download the CPD Calender 2023.

Please CLICK HERE to download the CPD Calender 2022.

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