Faculty Development & Internationalisation

Director's Message

The Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation is a  forward looking initiative of the Vice Chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor. This directorate, incorporating the Faculty Development Centre (FDC), the International Resource Centre (IRC) and the Active Citizens Programme (ACP),  serves to empower LCWU faculty, staff  and students.

FDC provides trainings in areas of classroom pedagogy, material design, assessment, research skills, personal development, leadership, management, and communication skills. The direct beneficiary of this improved workforce at LCWU are the students who are also facilitated through the internationalisation activities conducted by DFDI. FDC works closely with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and the National Talent Pool, Ministry of Education under their Presidents Programme for Qualified Pakistanis (PPQP).

The IRC, set up with support from the British Council works closely with international institutions like the British Council, US Consulate, US Education Foundation (USEFP) and high profile international universities across the globe to arrange conferences, seminars and workshops featuring international experts. IRC is also a hub for providing support for students and faculty wishing to study abroad.
DFDI also manages the British Council Active Citizens Programme at LCWU which is a unique university initiative to inculcate community service in our students. These students are being trained in various aspects of community service and engage in community projects and policy dialogues to seek solutions for betterment of our nation.

I am proud of the efforts of the DFDI team in launching numerous successful initiatives in less than a year of the Directorate's formation and am confident that these programmes, along with the multiple exciting initiatives planned for the future will be instrumental in the evolution of LCWU as one of the top 500 universities of the world.

Dr. Nausheen Mazhar

Director DFDI