Faculty Development & Internationalisation

Head FDC

Dr. Afifa Khanam, Associate Professor at the Department of STEM Education, possesses an extensive background in Teachers Training and Continuing Education. With experience in professional development programs at various teachers training public organizations in Pakistan, she envisions a comprehensive and collaborative faculty training program at LCWU at the platform of DFDI.

 This year-long series of training sessions aims to equip teachers with essential skills, including pedagogy and instructional strategies, technology integration, effective classroom management, assessment and feedback techniques, adherence to professional ethics, promotion of collaboration and teamwork, addressing inclusive education, differentiated instruction, and fostering continuous learning.

 Dr. Khanam is keen to provide opportunities for teachers of LCWU and other universities to learn, share and extend their experiences to build new horizons for innovative and progressive teaching practices.

 She arranges the induction training of newly hired faculty by DFDI to familiarize them to the university culture and and ragogical considerations of higher education.

 This capacity building prepares teachers as agents of change. In the long run, teachers' training at LCWU enhances the quality of education and contributes to their career progression. It empowers them to address emerging challenges and align with international standards of education.

Dr. Afifa Khanam
Head FDC