Department of Elementary and Teacher Education

Programme Objectives

B.Ed (Hons.) 4 year Degree Program (Elementary) 

The main objectives of B.Ed (Hons.) 4 year Degree Program (Elementary) :

• To equip student teachers with the knowledge of psychology and growth, Islamic ethical values and improve their subject content knowledge.

• To transform existing orthodox system to modern education system through replacing traditional teaching styles with interactive teaching methodologies

• To foster learner centered, active learning environment by using learning strategies such as role play, brain storming, debates, and presentations to make learning engaging and meaningful.

• To equip student teachers with the use of Information and Communication technology in their lessons to add creativity in their lessons.

• To enable student teachers with skills to undertake action research and become reflective educators

• To equip the prospective teachers in achieving the ten professional standards for teachers as well as promote the student-centred learning in Pakistani Classrooms by inculcating the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions as defined in the curricula.