Department of Elementary and Teacher Education



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The four year degree program initiated by HEC/USAID and accredited by NACTE is designed to help prospective teachers achieve the highest quality of teaching as described by the National Professional Standards for Teachers. Moving away from teacher-centered lectures, the new standards promote student-centered learning in Pakistani classrooms. Participants learn how to foster learner-centered, active learning, where teachers guide students in discussion and other interactive activities that make learning more engaging and meaningful. The prospective teachers acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to help sustain good classroom practices.

The department as part of its mission supports all activities and endeavors geared to improve practice within and outside the university. It, therefore, subscribes to collaboration and partnerships with the industry and other stakeholders to help the students locate themselves within the field and job market. 

B.Ed (Hons.)            : 4 years

Semester Duration: 16-18 weeks

Semesters               : 8

Course Load           : 15-18 Credit Hours 

Highlights of the Degree

•The four-year B.Ed. (Hons.) program is a 141 credit hours’ course and is composed of eight semesters of 16-18 weeks each

•The new scheme of studies emphasizes practice teaching. Fifteen credit-hours are exclusively included to promote practicum and practical work in the new program

• National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC) under HEC has prepared the standardized format of four-year Bachelor in Education Degree (Hons.) with consultation of provincial education departments, universities, colleges and curriculum experts 


A minimum of twelve years of schooling (FA/FSc/A Level and or other equivalent degree) 


           B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary 4-Year Degree Program 


           B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary- 4-Year Degree Program (Self Support)

           Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (PGD-ECE) (1-Year Diploma) 

Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (PGD-ECE)

Duration: 1 Year

Delivery mode: Blended/ Online/Hybrid Learning


This program has been designed for prospective and current early child care professionals, parents and teachers. The program is planned to train and groom them with an understanding of the trends, theories and approaches necessary for the holistic development of a child. They will equipped with hands-on techniques and strategies for teaching and engaging young learners with special focus on differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, and teaching literacy and numeracy. The diploma will also incorporate STEAM as an approach for using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. It will also provide practice in assessment strategies and tools for very young learners, including portfolios, anecdotal notes, observations etc.  the program will make use of online Videos, live sessions, webinars, conference papers, critical readings and seminars to enable future ECE practitioners to think and respond critically to the latest research and advancements in ECE. 


Females with sixteen years of education (M.A/M.Sc. / or 4-years BS) are eligible to apply for this program. 

Career Prospects

By the end of this diploma program, learners will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in various work environments:

           Childcare services and early childhood education centers

           Home and school daycare services

           Coordinating positions 

In-service teachers and other practicing professionals are duly facilitated with flexibility in timings and course work.