Department of Elementary and Teacher Education

Outreach Activities

Teachers' Professional Development in STEAM Pedagogy

A professional development training for elementary school teachers was conducted by Dr Asma Shahid Kazi,  and Fatima Rehman from LUMS At Door of Awareness. The faculty was trained about use of Design Thiniking in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Science ) integrated pedagogy.

STEAM Design Challenge Activity with Children of Grade 5 from a Welfare School for Underprivileged Children.  

At Door of Awareness, a STEAM design challenge was conducted by Dr Asma Shahid Kazi, Dr Abira Ismat Butt and Ms. Feza Mehddi, to engage underprivileged school children of a school in exploring the use of ramps. Through hands-on activities, students constructed various ramps using recycled materials, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. This engaging activity encouraged students to delve into the principles of physics and engineering as they constructed their own ramps using various materials. Through this hands-on experience, students will gain a deeper understanding of force, motion, and friction, concepts that are fundamental to understanding the world around them. The STEAM design challenge inquiry activity on the use of ramps aimed to foster a love for science and engineering but also cultivate creativity, teamwork, and a passion for learning in the children.