Department of Mass Communications

COD's Message

At the Department of Mass Communication, an outstanding faculty and varied opportunities of this vibrant field in affiliation with several media organizations provide students with an environment to explore their potentials. The required courses include a foundation in communication theory and research including practical skills that are relevant not only for entry-level jobs but, more significantly, continuing professional development and career. We prepare students to write clearly, speak effectively, and think critically - all of which are essential for continuing career success. Our basic objective is to polish the student's skills and to make them better women media professionals for the sustainable development of Pakistan as media is the forth pillar of state.

The undergraduate program offers both insightful academic study of the media and preparation for professional careers in Print, Broadcasting, Advertising, and Public Relations along development sector. Moreover graduate program entails theory and research practically on contemporary issues of mass communication and applies critical, cultural, historical, legal, ethical, and social scientific approaches.
It remains a privilege to be head of department with highly motivated dedicated personnel, which are all prepared to go the extra mile. We will continue to persue our vision and in the process add value to our stakeholders and society in general.

Dr. Anjum Zia
Chairperson of Mass Communication Department