Department of Mass Communications


Publications by Dr. Anjum Zia, Incharge Department of Mass Communication


• Research Journal

1. Promoting Editorial Independence and Media Pluralism: A Case Study Approach to Public Service Broadcasting in Asia. Media Asia an Asian Communication Quarterly. Volume 34, No. 3 & 4. November 2007. 171 – 190. (2007). ISSN- 0129-6612

2. “Media Education and Training Facilities in Pakistan: Problems & Prospects” has been accepted for publication in international Journal European Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR). 2012


• Research Journal

1. A Comparative Analysis of Coverage of AIDS in Pakistani Press: a Case Study of AIDS Days. The Health, Lahore, Pakistan. Volume 2, Issue 2. May 2011.

2. Cable television viewing patterns of women in Lahore, Pakistan. Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan. Volume 44, No. 2. December 2007. University of the Punjab Lahore. ISSN 0034-5431.

3. Cable Television watching habits of the youth in Pakistan. Journal of Research, (Humanities). Volume XLI. Number-1. January, 2005. University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. ISSN 0555-7666.

4. Primary Purpose for cable television viewing in Lahore, Pakistan. Quarterly Journal of Gender and Social Issues. Autumn/ winter 2004, Volume, 3 Number 3-4. Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi- Pakistan. ISSN 1813-9892.

5. Communication Technology: Challenges and opportunities for media studies. Journal of Research (Humanities). Volume XXXVIII, July-Number 2003, University of the Punjab, Lahore.