Department of Mass Communication


Dr. Faiza Latif

Assistant Professor,

Incharge Mass Communication Department

01) Family Relations: Projection and Impact of Advertisements on Viewers. Online – Elementary Education Online, 2021, Vol. 20 Issue 5, 3673-3685 (X-Category)

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27) Critical Analysis of Marshall Mcluhan Catch Phrases. Journal of Research. Vol. XXXI, No.1, 101-119. 

Dr. Sameera Batool

Assistant Professor

1) Batool, S. (2021). Freedom of expression vs. hate speech-An ethical dilemma. AMCAP Journal of media and communication studies, vol. 1, issue 1, Pp. 66-72.

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Naveed Iqbal

Assistant Professor

1) Yasin, Z., Iqbal, N., Tariq, H., Fareed, M., & Islam, I. (2021). Role of “Dirilis Ertugrul” in Creating Awareness and Understanding of Islam Among Pakistani Youth. Journal of Management Practices, Humanities and Social Sciences5(1), 40-49. (Y-category) 

Dr. Shehla Jabeen

Assistant Professor

1) Muhammad Umair Chaudhry, Abdul Ghani, Shehla Jabeen “Electronic Media and Impact of Advancement in Information Technology” Journal of Peace, Development and Communication Volume 04, Issue 02, July-September 2020.

2) Muhammad Mudassar Riaz, Dr. Arshad Ali, Dr. Shehla Jabeen “The Sacrilegious Caricatures in Print Media: A Comparative Study of The New York Times and Daily Dawn” Al-Qalam: volume 25 No 1 (2020).

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5) Dr. Iram Sultana, Dr. Adnan Malik, Dr. Shehla Jabeen “Musical Communication with Message of Peace and Religious Harmony in Globe: the case study of Pakistan Sufi Rock Bnad Junoon” Al-Qalam: volume 24, No 02, 2019.

60 Abdul Wajid Khan, Shehla Jabeen. (2017). ‘Portrayal of Pak-US Relations Issues in Elite American Press: A comparative study of Editorial Treatment of Washington Post & New York Times (Duration 2008-2012)’. Journal of Political Studies (x category), volume.24, issue 02.

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Dr. Bilal Nawaz

Assistant Professor

1) Published in A Research Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 36, No. 1, January – June, 2021, pp. 153 – 164. Predictors of Fake News Sharing on Social Media during COVID-19 in South Asia: Evidence from Pakistan. Dr. Malik Adnan, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Rao Shahid Mahmood Khan. (Category – Y)

2) Published in Global Social Sciences Review Vol. VI, No. I (Winter 2021), Pages: 272 ‒ 280, DOI: 10.31703/gssr.2021(VI-I).27, Social Media Habits of Youth in Pakistan and the Role in Developing Social Capital. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Rao Shahid Mahmood Khan, Malik Adnan (Category – Y)

3) Published in Global Mass Communication Review , Vol. VI, No. I (Winter 2021), Pages: 302 – 320, 2021 (VI-I).23, DOI: 10.31703/gmcr.2021(VI-I).2. The Effect of News TV Channels Coverage During Pandemic Covid -19 on Youth in Pakistan. Aemen Khalid, Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Javeria Nazeer, (Category – Y)

4) Published in Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research, Vol. 21, Issue – I, 2020. Page: 103-112. Television and Marital Family Discourses in Pakistan: Islamic Values and Urdu Drama Narratives. Dr. Malik Adnan, Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz (Category – X)

5) Published in Al-Qalam Journal, Published by Institute of Islamic Studies, Vol. 25, Issue - I, 2020. Page: 194-204. Media Hush on Honour Killing in Pakistan: The Case of Punjab. Dr. Irem Sultana, Dr. Malik Adnan, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Muhammad Umair Ashraf, (Category – X)

6) Published in Journal of Research – Urdu (JOR-Urdu), Vol. 36, Issue - 1, 2020. Page: 173-184. The Changing Role of Urdu News Media with Digital Communication in Pakistan. Dr. Malik Adnan, Zahid Yousaf, Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Ahsan Bhatti, (Category – Y)

7) Published in Global Regional Review, Vol. IV, No. I (Winter 2019) Page: 138 ‒ 146. Social Media and Youth: Uses, Problems, and Prospects in Southern Punjab (Pakistan). Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Abdul Wajid Khan (Category – Y)

8) Published in Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS), Vol. 39, Issue - 4, 2019. Page: 1441-1452. Gender and Media in Pakistan: Representation of Women in Print and Electronic Media. Dr. Malik Adnan,  Dr. Zahid Yousaf, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz (Category – Y) 

Dr. Zaeem Yasin

Assistant Professor

1) Hussain, M., Saeed, R., & Yasin, Z. (2021). Social Media Usage Patterns Among University Students In Urban Lahore. Journal of Media Studies, 36(2), 101-113. (Y-Category)

2) Yasin, Z., Iqbal, N., Tariq, H., Fareed, M., & Islam, I. (2021). Role of “Dirilis Ertugrul” in Creating Awareness and Understanding of Islam Among Pakistani Youth. Journal of Management Practices, Humanities and Social Sciences5(1), 40-49. (Y-category)

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Dr. Sehrish Mushtaq

Lecturer, Mass Communication Department

1) Mushtaq, S., Baig, F. (2022). Reclaiming Public and Digital Spaces: Conundrum of Acceptance for Feminist Movement in Pakistan. In E. Tomalin & C. Starkey (Eds.), Religions, Gender and Society. UK: Routledge.

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Arsha Saleem Meer


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9) Impact of infomercial Advertisements on the product Purchase intention of the consumers  of Lahore