Department of Mass Communication



Department of Mass Communication Launched LCWU Web TV. The purpose of this Web TV is to create awareness among 14000 students in particular and public at large regarding corona virus pandemic. During this difficult time it was decided to communicate with pertinent audiences through the Web TV. Launch of Web TV would uplift the standard of higher education culture through digital means. It would bridge the communication within teachers and students and also serve as source of education/counseling services to citizens

It broadcast all the Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, and Lectures to be held at the University. Over 14,000 students will get direct benefit from the project 

TV Studios

To impart professional media education, state of the art equipment is a necessary requirement thus working and professionally built T.V and FM studios were built to give the students easy to access facilities and technical equipment. The TV studio has three Sony D50 studio camera, three camcorder PD170, two D90 still camera and two hand held 3CCD cameras along with a well set up arrangement of colored trim studio lights. Advertising and computer laboratories, non-linear editing and photographic laboratories and MCR along with facility of OB van were established under the project of HEC and the department was shifted to the new building in 2008.

Radio FM 96.6

Our radio station F.M 96.6 Voice of LCWU is in its third year of airing and is running a daily three-hour transmission from 11:00am to 2:00pm which repeats from 2:00 to 5:00pm. The facility of F.M radio of the department is not only training the aspiring journalists rather it is acting as an information cell of the university.

Advertising Lab

Department has a lab devoted for advertising students to develop their creative skills in the field of Advertising and to complete their projects.

Photography Lab 

A photography lab is established to give students practical learning and experience in the field of Photography

Computer Lab

The department has Computer Labs equipped with latest technology.


The department is Wi-Fi zone with the access of internet in almost all areas