Voice of LCWU FM 96.6

Voice of LCWU FM 96.6

Voice of LCWU FM 96.6

Broadcast media, undoubtedly, plays quite significant role in social, economic and political development of a country. Pakistani media saw an enormous growth during the last one decade. Realizing the significance of practical learning in Radio Broadcasting, department of Mass Communication of LCWU set up an FM Radio with a frequency of 96.6, under the title of ‘Voice of LCWU’ in 2007 . This campus radio was established under the patronage of Vice Chancellor along the financial support of Higher Education Commission. Initially FM 96.6 started its test broadcast that turned to successful regular Transmission after few months.

Now FM 96.6 has a prominent place among the campus radio Stations of the country because of the following reasons;

  •  Its latest and state of the art equipment

  •  Balanced policy that lauds to broadcast decent content to create awareness while educating its listeners about the social menaces and their solutions

  •  Growing listener-ship as FM 96.6 covers a wide area of Lahore

The core aim of this campus radio is to train the young female aspiring journalists technically and professionally at LCWU for the broadcast market. Moreover following are its main purposes: FM 96.6, indeed, acts as information cell for university while bridging the gap between external audience (parents and general) and internal audience (students, faculty and staff) of the largest Women University of Asia.

Our campus radio provides hands on training to the students along providing them an opportunity for their internships.
 Along creating awareness among its audience, our campus Radio is also empowering the women while inculcating the analytical skills in them. Thus they can compete well in today’s competitive media market.

A variety of programs are broadcasted during the three-hour daily transmission i.e. from 1100hrs to 1400hrs with a repeat broadcast of three-hour i.e. from 1400hrs to 1700hrs. The programs of FM 96.6 highlight the Varsity activities including, academic, social, sports, cultural programs and seminars & conferences. Significant university activities are also given live coverage like convocation, inter-university competitions and sports etc.

Further radio features, radio Columns, live discussion, drama, documentaries along assigned reports by the students are some of the regular significant productions at our campus radio by the students of department of Mass Communication, LCWU.
Voice of LCWU, FM 96.6 is performing its educational and noncommercial infotainment functions in the University as well as in the metropolitan city of Lahore.

Patron in ChiefVC (LCWU)

Incharge: Dr. Sumera Batool

Associate Producers: Mr. Adil Aziz, Mr. Umer Nazir

Technical Staff: Mr. M. Shoaib Yousaf, Mr. Naveed Iqbal

Participants: LCWU Mass Communication Students