News Archive - Nov 2019

A Compassion Camp

Animal Welfare and Protection Society, LCWU organized a “Compassion Camp” for street dogs in Tech Society, Lahore on 6th November, 2019 from 11AM to 12:30 PM. The purpose was to educate residents that street dogs deserve the same kindness and compassionate treatment that all animals deserve. Abuse and mistreatment of these voiceless creatures and indiscriminately culling them is not justified. The answer to the threat of rabies is  mass vaccination and sterilization rather than brutal mass killing. For this purpose, the coordinator for the society, Dr. Amina Obaid Khawaja along with 9 students from BS Applied Department held the awareness camp. The two secretaries of the society Uzma Parveen and Ayesha Afzal were there too. Posters were put up in the streets with the theme of kindness. The team went door to door, talked to men, women and children and distributed awareness material. The street dogs in that area were fed. They were perfectly friendly and harmless dogs. We believe that this is the first camp of its kind in Pakistan. The response of the residents was good overall and they agreed that these dogs live  very hard lives, it is sinful to hurt them and a culture of compassion should be promoted.