News Archive - Nov 2019

Visual Arts Students won prizes at a Competition of Islamic Calligraphy

Students of Visual Arts Department participated in a competition titled as “Islamic Calligraphy” held at Queen Mary College on 25th November, 2019. All girls’ colleges and universities were invited on the event and more that 12 colleges participated in the competition. Two students from each institution were allowed to participate, Asma Ijaz and Zarfishan Khalid students of BFA-IV represented Visual Arts Department of Lahore College. Judges of the competition were from renowned universities of Lahore and the Chief Guest of the event was Ms. Moneeze Hashmi. Both the students of LCWU received prizes for their innovative execution of the subject. Asma Ijaz got third prize and Zarfishan Khalid got forth prize for their outstanding performance in the competition. Vice Chancellor of LCWU also appreciated the students for their participation and overall performance.