News Archive - Oct 2019

Autism Awareness in collaboration with Autism Spectrum Disorder Welfare Trust( ASDWT)

Psychological Society LCWU organized a Seminar on " Autism Awareness" in collaboration with Autism Spectrum Disorder Welfare Trust( ASDWT) on October 17' 2019. The focal persons for the seminar were Ms.Tehziba Kousir ( lecturer) and Dr.Amina Obaid Khawaja ( AP).The seminar opened with recitation of holy Quran following the welcome address by prof.Dr.Talat Sohail( COD' department of Applied Psychology).

A performing art segment on "Autism Awareness" was presented by Psychology Department which was hugely admired by the resource person and the audience. The program proceeded with an enlightening talk by Ms.Rukhsana Shah( COD' Autism Spectrum Disorder Welfare Trust) on "Autism" and a lecturer on "Dyslexia" by Ms. Farah Samar( Senior Clinical Psychologist). The seminar was open for all students and faculty of the university and over a 100 people were able to attend the seminar.

"Unfortunately the awareness about one of the fastest growing mental disorders is still very low in Pakistan, as is the availability of treatment facilities,” said Rukhsana Shah, the chairperson of Autism Spectrum Disorders Welfare Trust (ASDWT). She further said that" In rural areas, children with autism are often kept in chains. Superstitions and fear, coupled with illiteracy and lack of awareness and treatment facilities, perpetuate cruelty and violence against them". She came up with many useful interventions to manage the condition in children at home and schools. Seminar ended with question answer session and a vote of thank by the incharge Psychological Society' LCWU.