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NAVTTC, Department of mass communication - Report

Technology has become an integral part of our society. One cannot imagine his life without Information communication technology. It is also the need of time to acknowledge the new practices to meet with the world’s challenges. Technology has made our life easier. Due to which Nowadays people have started perusing online services as a career which seems quite interesting. In the light of this National vocational and technical training commission has started Prime Minister Hunarmand Pakistan Program “Skills for All”. Under the shade of NAVTTC, Department of mass communication Lahore college for women university has taken the onus to provide government funded programs to the students on a mass level.

This successful collaboration became the reason of interest, shown by a large number of students. Department of Mass Communication is now offering 2 courses; Documentary & film making and Digital marketing & SEO with the support of NAVTTC.

After the successful interviews by a large number of students, 25 students got enrolled in “Documentary and film making” and 50 students in “Digital Marketing & SEO”. Duration of these courses is 26 weeks with 520 total contact hours.


Film and Documentary:

This program is introduced in order to develop skills and techniques for successful performance in media sector. The trainers are highly professional to solve the tasks and problems of today’s generation. The trainees will be trained to have access on development opportunities. The trainees will also be getting support in their personal grooming to accept the future behaviour accordingly.



• Enhancement of their knowledge and skills

• Pace work learning

• To work as a Videographer, Documentary and film maker

After learning, they will be able to:


•Start their own web channels and freelance work

•Shoot Videos

•Video editing

•Develop Storyboard

•Direct and produce fiction and non-fiction short films.


SEO and Digital Marketing:


This course will be about exploration of theories and fundamental concepts influencing online journey. Digital Marketing is in trend these days and due to this, after learning people will be able to design their own marketing strategies and campaigns.


The main purpose of introducing this course is to let them aware of the media medium and revamping the need of tools in the marketing world. Moreover, it is being introduced to aware that what types of businesses do exist in the market and letting them think out of the box.




After having the knowledge and learning of this particular course, trainees will be able to enter in the digital world and will be able to:


         Learn the power of Ephermal Media

         Create highly paid and optimized ads

         In depth knowledge of SEO

         Auditing of social media or any entity

         Understand the fundamentals of content marketing

         Use and understanding of social networks


What kind of jobs will be offered?


         Digital Marketing Agencies

         Software houses

         Work from home

         B2B Work

         Big retail businesses