News Archive - March 2020

“How to generate innovative business idea”?*

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and job creation. In addition, self-employment is a response to non-availability of existing jobs. In view of its importance a seminar on entrepreneurship was held for students of Lahore College for Women University(LCWU), Jhang Campuson Thursday 12th March 2020. The seminar attracted about 300 students, faculty of LWCU and CVAS. It was a collaborative effort of department of Economics, Management Sciences and ORIC of LCWU Jhang campus.


The venue for the seminar was the auditorium of CVAS (College of veterinary & Animal Sciences), Jhang. The topic of the seminar was “How to generate innovative business idea” and was delivered by the guest speaker, Hafiz Awais Afzal (a young entrepreneur and founder of Rehnumai).The presentation described how an entrepreneurial approach is necessary to develop employability skills.  Dr. Muhammad Arfan Zaman, CVAS, Jhang also presented his views on entrepreneurship.The seminar was interactive as participants made meaningful contributions to the discussion.