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An environmental impact

An environmental impact is defined as any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, resulting from a facility’s activities, products, or services. In other words it is the effect that people's actions have on the environment. For example, when volatile organic compounds are released into the environment, the effect or impact is pollution in the form of smog, in this case being negative. These actions leave some impacts on environment which can be harmful or beneficial for people themselves. Like It can go other way as a person picking up litter can have a beneficial impact on the local environment. But in this modern world the focus on inventing new technology is so intense that the dream of disease free world is left behind and the industrial fuel, gases and private transportation has damaged the ozone layer which leads to the polluted earth. Because of that people are loosing their immunity and getting diseased including respiratory issues, allergies and more fatal problems. Women, old and children are considered to be physically weak than men. Children are much affected by the environment because they are in their developmental process that’s why the changes of climate or environmental seems to be more visible on them. So Social Work Department decided to arrange a seminar on Environmental Impacts on Children in collaboration with a renowned NGO Search for Justice on 12th March 2020 at IT Hall, Lahore College for Women University. The details of seminar are given below: 

Barrister Rafay Alam  (Environmental Expert and lawyer), Ms. Nida Usman Chaudhry (Founder Lahore Education And Research Network [Learn]), Ms. Farah Rasheed (WWF Pakistan), Ms. Navaira Fatima (Lecturer Social Work Department) and Ms. Irum Shahid (Chairperson of Social Work Department) were present as speakers. The event was attended by a large number of students along with the faculty members. 

Mr Rafay Aalam talked about the importance of clean environment and its impact on children, he also highlighted the legislative approaches regarding environmental issues. Ms. Nida Usman talked about children health and Ms. Farah Rasheed shared the environmental issues like global warming and more others. Ms Navaira and Ms. Irum Shahid also talked about the topic. 


A survey was conducted to obtain responses, views and suggestions of participants for the 

awareness of environmental issues:

  • 90% agreed that poor health and lifestyle is because of environmental issues. 
  • 54% agreed that environment is much responsible for the development of the country.
  • 20% agreed that people themselves are responsible for the pollution.
  • 48% agreed that government is responsible for the polluted environment.
  • 70% agreed that modern world has made atmosphere more toxic and harmful.
  • 95% agreed that private transportation is a big source of pollution.
  • 63% Industries and transportation are a big factor for global warming 


Following measures need to be taken for an ideal environment for children:

  • Awareness  of keeping yourself safe should be provided at every level.
  • Plant more trees for healthy environment.
  • Personal hygiene is must to keep environment clean.
  • Try to use more public transportation for less pollution.
  • Use more organic and natural products except of using or producing artificial.
  • Eco friendly products should be used more than the other.
  • Industrial wastes should be disposed with a lot of supervision for environmental protection.